Wu-Tang Clan teams up with Fortnite for the release of a virtual drip

From the slums of Shaolin, the Wu-Tang Clan has struck again. This time, the iconic hip-hop group is bringing their signature style to Fortnite, an immensely popular video game that has recently attracted a swarm (Wu-Tang fans will get the joke there) of artists and brands.

Wu-Tang Clan has teamed up with Fortnite for a new collection of virtual clothing and accessories / Edelman

Tomorrow, Fortnite, owned by Epic Games, will release a collection of “Wu Wear” items for players to collect. The collection will include two outfits, each accompanied by Wu-themed accessories. whole world that they “have nothing to fuck with.”

Fortnite has evolved into a major intersection for popular culture and the expanding virtual world known as the “metaverse”. In 2021, the brand unveiled its “Soundwave Series” intended to spark collaborations with popular music artists around the world.

“Music transcends all languages ​​and has been an integral part of the Fortnite journey since our first in-game concert in 2019,” said Nate Nanzer, vice president of global partnerships at Epic Games, in a blog post last year. “The Soundwave Series continues that legacy and will introduce incredible crossover artists from around the world to millions of new fans within Fortnite Creative, where there are virtually no limits to what can be crafted by our community.”

Rapper Travis Scott and producer Marshmello are among the superstars who have performed in Fortnite before.

Fortnite has also launched several recent activations with major brands looking to capitalize on the game’s huge viewership. The National Football League, for example, has partnered with the game twice. Luxury fashion brands Balenciaga and Moncler have also released a virtual Fortnite drip.

The game’s collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan marks one of the latest efforts by a musical group, which is also a brand in its own right, to take advantage of Fortnite’s vast reach in the gaming community, which is largely made up of part of Millennials and Generation Zers. .

“Fortnite has been in my house for years,” RZA – one of the Wu-Tang Clan members – said in a statement. “It was a pleasure and a joy to see the game evolve, while becoming the go-to pastime. This collaboration is a multi-generational “drip” of swag and cool. »

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