Wu-Tang Clan gear is coming to Fortnite

Wu-Tang Clan gear is coming to Fortnite

It may not be a sequel to Wu-Tang: Shaolin Stylebut it’s something: the Wu-Tang Clan is coming Fortnite with a new collection of clothes. The iconic members of the hip-hop supergroup aren’t coming to the game themselves; instead, players will be able to purchase Wu-Wear gear in the Fortnite Item Shop starting April 23 at 8 p.m. ET. There will be two different outfits available, along with Wu-Tang accessories like reactive backpacks and, of course, a Wu-Tang hand emote.

You can check out the entire offering in the gallery below:

The music gradually infiltrated FortniteThe battle royale in a variety of ways, from a crossover with Coachella to in-game gigs from Ariana Grande and Travis Scott. Meanwhile, real-world celebrities continue to join the game’s huge library of characters, most recently with additions like snowboarder Chloe Kim and tennis star Naomi Osaka. Wu-Wear also joins other fashion brands like Balenciaga in the game.

In a statement, Wu member RZA said that “Fortnite has been in my house for years. It was a pleasure and a joy to see the game evolve, while becoming the go-to pastime. This collaboration is a multi-generational “drop” of swag and cool. If what you say is true, Fortnite and Wu-Tang might be Fortangerous…”

Fortnite is having something of a resurgence lately, thanks in large part to the introduction of a Zero Build mode as part of the most recent season. Earlier this week, Epic added Moon Knight to the game’s ever-growing list of licensed fighters.

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