Women's clothing brand 'NOUN' brings trends that stay in step with the style of the new generation

Women’s clothing brand ‘NOUN’ brings trends that stay in step with the style of the new generation

With the growth of digital presence and fledgling brands being discovered daily, online clothing stores are of great importance to this generation. Upcoming brands can create a sustainable, supportive and comfortable daily life. One such emerging brand is Noun, owned by Camaraderie International, which is a company based in Noida, UP. Noun is a hyper innovative and inspiring clothing brand for Gen Z women who inspire to be the best.

Noun is the talk of the town for its buzzing quality which is quietly represented in its products. The brand’s signature styles depict the great Western Indian culture that is taking to the streets and becoming famous. There are many different dresses and fashion choices available on Noun, such as maxi dresses, jumpsuits, sets, and tops. You can choose the right choice for your dinner date or any other casual occasion.

The story behind the creation of “Noun” is akin to feminism. Meenal Yadav, the founder of this brand, a graduate in management from CMS, Jamia Millia Islamia University, rejected a high-paying job placement offer and instead registered her company, Fellowship International during her college years. She shares, “I always aspired to be an entrepreneur. During my studies, I had dreamed of being a job creator and not a job seeker. Before Noun, my company Camaraderie International was totally an exporter of clothing. We have manufactured and exported garments to several top brands overseas. We (me and my partner Mr. Arvind) with a similar interest in the fashion industry laid the foundation for Noun. We sell through our website www.nounclub.com Our only vision was to create a brand where fashion is synonymous with comfort and elegance. We design our dress based on two mantras: comfortable and elegant. She is committed to her brand and is ready to bring change to the fashion marketing industry while empowering women and giving them confidence. She adds: “Our dresses are designed in such a way that they adapt perfectly to all shapes. We respect and admire women of all ages, sizes and shapes.

From 1 or 2 orders per day in its infancy to 200-250 orders per day today, Noun is growing by leaps and bounds. Started with an investment of Rs 1 lakh, the company is currently making a turnover of Rs 10 crores per year. It shows the love they have received for their products. Meenal says, “We do not sell through other major online marketplaces and have no plans to. We only sell through our website. Because only we can express our love and hard work for fashion through our own website. No one else can do it for us”

Noun has enjoyed great success since its inception and it’s thanks to its unique and user-friendly services with easy return and exchange policies. They keep the customer at the center. Their collection of long dresses is one of the most popular pieces of clothing because it’s what everyone needs when they don’t know what they want to wear for a date, a night out with friends, a family reunion or just a fun day out. Noun is slowly carving out a niche in the category of urban women’s clothing brands. This online shopping e-commerce has created a certain vibe in the fashion ecosystem for anyone who likes to wear western clothes. Next time you are looking for long dresses, www.nounclub.com is the right place for you.


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