WATCH: Meet the vintage Aberdeen fashionista taking Instagram by storm

As an avowed vintage fashion magpie with a penchant for glitz, nothing can dull Jo Muir’s sparkle.

Shining a light on the beauty of vintage clothing, one faux fur coat at a time, the 39-year-old Gray’s School of Art graduate is quickly making a name for herself with her independent online label Wardrobe Foxes Vintage.

Eyes twinkling, just like the glittering chandeliers hanging from the ceiling of her fabulously fashionable installation at Deemouth Artists Studios in Torry, Jo spends the time of her life researching and customizing vintage outfits before selling them via her Instagram page .

“When I see pictures of people wearing the vintage clothes they bought me, it makes me super happy,” says Jo, who particularly likes vintage clothes from the 70s and 80s.

“I love vintage clothes, so sharing that with other people is good.”

Jo Muir sells most of her vintage outfits via her Instagram page
Jo’s eye for all things vintage shines through in her wonderful collection of unique vintage pieces.

leap of faith

With a fire burning in her belly as shiny as her trademark red lipstick, Jo had nothing to lose when she took a leap of faith – or strutted around – by opening her own vintage fashion business during lockdown .

“For 10 years I worked as a fashion merchandiser, visual merchandiser and latterly fashion manager at John Lewis in Aberdeen,” says Jo, who studied sculpture at Gray’s School of Art and then an MFA in sculpture at Wimbledon College of Art in London.

“So I would create these amazing window displays and dress all the models.

“When I was laid off by John Lewis during lockdown I started to feel really trapped in my house and thought I couldn’t just sit here and do nothing.

“I’ve always loved vintage, so I thought this would be a good creative outlet to sell vintage because it’s something I really believe in.”

Jo Muir models some of the vintage pieces that customers can purchase.
Jo loves glitter.

2,000 Instagram followers

Overcoming her initial nerves and fears of failure, Jo began sourcing and selling vintage clothing through videos she posts on her Instagram page.

“I was a little nervous when I started taking videos of the vintage clothes I was selling and posting them on Instagram because I’m quite shy,” Jo explains.

“But it went really well and I started getting clients from Ireland, England and locally.”

As the iconic John Lewis store in Aberdeen closed its doors in August last year, Jo embarked on her vintage fashion business.

“Moving to Deemouth Artist Studios has been amazing,” says Jo.

“My studio isn’t open 24/7, but I do open studio events and if people want to make an appointment to get into the studio, they can.

“I mainly sell online through my Instagram page.”

There’s a vintage treasure for everyone at Wardrobe Foxes Vintage.
The rails are full of vintage outfits.

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Every vintage garment or accessory that Jo sells has been handpicked.

“I handpick everything I sell, of course I can’t reveal my sources, but I’ve been really lucky,” says Jo.

“Recently a lady donated a stunning 1950s dress.

“I really love the idea of ​​giving new life to treasured vintage clothing.”

Vintage treasure: Jo Muir has clients all over the country.

Jo also creates hair accessories and belts using vintage ties.

“I realized that vintage ties were something no one bought anymore,” says Jo.

“But they come in amazing patterns and prints, so I started making sashes, scrunchies and ruffle headbands from the old ties.

“I want to show people how you can wear a bit of vintage print with your regular outfit.

“And the next thing I hope to do is take vintage pieces, reinvent them, and rework them into different things.”

The love of his life

Jo’s love for all things vintage will be on display when she marries soulmate Andrew Davidson next month.

“I’m getting married in October so my dress is vintage and I’m doing all the decor, it’s going to be one hell of a vintage/disco vibe,” Jo says.

This faux fur coat is one of Jo’s must-have vintage pieces.

“I really liked doing the set, so I thought about getting into the next one.”

Jo says her partner Andrew has been an incredible support throughout her business, as has her mother Sandra.

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Another great support was the staff at Business Gateway who walked her through everything she needed to know about starting a new business.

“The Business Gateway was great as I took this course to learn how to do my taxes etc,” says Jo.

“A woman there told me not to worry if I didn’t make a profit in the first year, because no one makes a profit in the first year, but I made a profit, which made me gave a lot of motivation to continue.

“Then in the second year when everything reopened after the lockdown, I thought my profits would be down, but they were up again.

“I’m not doing it to make money, I’m doing it because I like it but it was a big motivation.”

Jo intends to use her creative talents to rework vintage clothes.

Christmas event

A few months away from Christmas, Jo invites people to an open workshop / Christmas shopping event at Deemouth Artist Studios.

“Everyone is welcome to come the last weekend of November and the first weekend of December.”

For more information on the Foxes Vintage Wardrobe, check it out instagram page.

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[WATCH: Meet Aberdeen’s vintage fashionista who’s taking Instagram by storm]


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