Vanish promotes sustainable fashion through summer campaigns

Vanish promotes sustainable fashion through summer campaigns

As a market-leading stain remover brand with nearly 40 years of experience in the fabric treatment category, Reckitt’s Vanish brand is committed to promoting sustainable fashion, where clothes can live many lives. both by providing solutions that remove stains and revive clothes. , and inspire consumers to drive positive behavior change.

As Boudewijn Feith, Managing Director of Reckitt Hong Kong and Taiwan, points out: “With Vanish, sustainable fashion is an affordable option. As a proponent of sustainability, Vanish urges people to stop wasting clothes.

Vanish is launching a brand campaign this summer to promote sustainable fashion in a fun and engaging way, with exciting activities targeting the younger consumer segment using trending channels and influencers that speak to the audience.

The key theme that underpins the brand’s matches is “Clothes Live Longer with Vanish”. “We want customers to join the campaign and learn how we can all help achieve sustainability in fashion by just taking one small step and changing our behaviors to help extend the life of our items,” says Feith. .

During the summer campaign, Vanish is teaming up with Kilby Chan, a young female celebrity, for a themed TVC that highlights the top five benefits of Vanish Oxi Action Powder. In the TVC, Kilby takes on the roles of five different members of a “girl group” each of which represents a different benefit, including stain removal, germ destruction, color transfer prevention, elimination odors and bleaching.

For the first time, the company is collaborating with a local illustrator and cafe to host a month-long pop-up in Sheung Wan, showcasing original memorabilia designed by the illustrator. An online engagement game is created to encourage customers to check-in and share their fondest memories during the Instagram pop-up for a chance to win memories at home.

The month-long pop-up is launched in collaboration with Coffee & Laundry, a takeaway cafe with 24-hour self-service laundry, and Little Thunder, a well-known local illustrator in Hong Kong. The collaboration aims to portray the benefits of Vanish in an artistic and lifestyle context, with the charming characters designed by Little Thunder especially for the campaign found throughout the popup area. The characters represent common laundry problems and the power of “Vani5h Girl”, and how Vani5h Girl solves headaches, just like Vanish solutions effectively keep clothes looking their best with every wash.

Vanish’s work is centered on redefining “sustainable fashion” as a trend. The aim of the campaign is to encourage a transformation of cultural ideas and habits, as well as to attract a younger audience – to avoid waste by reusing their old clothes.

Vanish seeks to encourage deep thinking about the relationship between fashion and the environment, such as how to strike a balance by encouraging sustainable fashion in our daily lives – keeping items looking like new rather than updating the guard. -dress.

“Vanish will continue to showcase our vision and dedication to the brand, as well as seek new ways to connect with customers and allow them to experience the benefits of our products and the principles of sustainable fashion,” concludes Feith.


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