Urfi Javed shares her thoughts on Masaba Gupta's comment

Urfi Javed shares her thoughts on Masaba Gupta’s comment

Urfi Javed is one of the popular social media sensations and her fashion sense is the talk of town. Urfi has also managed to catch the attention of photographers, her followers, and now Bollywood, who couldn’t resist her allure.

After Ranveer Singh on an episode of Koffee with Karan praised her for her fashion sense, fashion designer Masaba Gupta had praised on Urfi for her sense of style. She even mentioned that she wants to learn from her and she thinks that she is putting in a lot of hardwork.

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Also she added that, ““There’s a thought behind each garment. There’s a thought behind where she wants to take her photos. There’s a thought behind the hair and make-up. It’s a lot of hard work. People think it’s easy to make happy, dress up and go. Just put on the look, wear heels just for 3 days and go outside. You’ll be wiped out, Uorfi does it every day,”

Recently when pap spotted Urfi and asked her about the same she told,

“I love Masaba that’s so sweet of her. I like her mother too, she is savage.”

Urfi continues to be an internet breaker with her fashion sense and Masaba recently saw the release of Season 2 of her show, Masaba Masaba.


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