The world's leading brand of fashionable colorful masks is officially launched on Amazon on August 8 by CSD, a professional manufacturer of disposable medical supplies in Taiwan

The world’s leading brand of fashionable colorful masks is officially launched on Amazon on August 8 by CSD, a professional manufacturer of disposable medical supplies in Taiwan

TAIPEI, August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — People dress according to the mood, the occasion and the need – and the mask, which by nature occupies half of the face, is an essential fashion accessory. On August 8eCOLO, a fashionable face mask brand with colorful patterns, will debut on Amazon in United Statesintroducing two different series of masks that allow people play with color and enrich their personal style.

Whether those want to look relaxed or energetic, cool or stylish, COLO fashion masks represent their best choice. “COLO”, Spanish for color, is a color-loving brand bringing the power of a few eye-catching hues to soothe the soul. The two new seriesCOLO-MOOD” and “COLO SHOK” are available in eight styles, creating with users a healthy, fashionable and personal appearance – seven days a week.

COLO MOOD Expressing Feelings with Colors

COLO-MOODfeatures five classic monochromatic colors, including understated Cool Black, serious yet slightly casual Dark Denim, soft and tranquil Calla Yellow, warm Pink Cherry Blossom, and the slightly mysterious Lavender Purple. Each of the five masks has a different emotion, conveying unexpressed feelings.

Choose understated Cool Black that reflects understated intent, or Dark Denim to express playful understatement. Calla Yellow in those calm and peaceful days, and when them the heart is full, carry Pink Cherry Blossom. Release users’ enigmatic charm with Lavender Purple. There’s a mask for every mood to reveal users unique taste.

COLO SHOK is the center of attention

The COLO SHOK collection combines charm and passion in three different prints. He is featuring Jeans, Shadow Black Camo and Woodland Camo. All three are striking elements in the fashion industry, and now they are combined in masks to elicit individuality in outfits and become eye-catching fashion accessories.

Jeans have always been an important and indispensable staple in the fashion world; simple to wear and a match for every personality. The Shadow Black Camo and Woodland Camo transform the originally masculine military color pattern into an accessible and cool fashion camo aesthetic, easily worn with classic colors or even full camo outfits to highlight the mask and the person behind.

Fashionable protection

COLO updates the mask concept with color – fashionable protection. Masks integrate with the outfit to change the overall look and feel, so users can take advantage of every opportunity in the fashion game.

COLO fashion masks deserve full trust, due to COLO brand’s origins at CSD, a professional manufacturer of disposable medical supplies with 75 years of history in Taiwan. They are not only the leading professional manufacturer of disposable medical supplies in Taiwanbut also have obtained ISO 9001, CE mark, GMP, ISO13485, FDA registration and they or they are the overseas manufacturing plant recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japanwhich meets global production standards.

CSD’s first colored masks in Taiwan led to the trend of fashionable masks and are popular among Asian consumers. They have additionally attracted international brands such as BVLGARI, Warner Bros. and Paramount to collaborate, and have jointly created popular co-branded masks such as Harry Potter, Batman and Top Gun. In 2022, CSD will expand its reach to United States and lead the trend of wearing fashionable protective masks in the post-epidemic era.



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