The Simpsons modeled for Balenciaga's Summer 2022

The Simpsons modeled for Balenciaga’s Summer 2022

Mark: Balenciaga

Season: Summer 2022

Editor’s notes: Balenciaga’s summer 2022 collection is making headlines, even without talking about clothes and new shoes. The latest effort from the French luxury house is a multimedia star affair, enlisting celebrity friends such as Dev Hynes, Naomi Osaka and the cast of The simpsons. Seriously.

Yes, the whole town of Springfield got in on the Paris Fashion Week action in a The Simpsons shorts made exclusively for the unveiling of the new Balenciaga collection. It even features Anna Wintour and Demna Gvasalia as themselves.

It’s a cute short, as self-aware as Zoolander 2 but much more engaging. It’s packed with some really wild designs – seeing Smithers and Chief Wiggum right in Balenciaga is truly a sight to behold. There are even a few subtle nods to The Simpsons heads, like the Sideshow Bob rake gag.

There’s also an unintended weirdness to this whole affair, though it might just be me. I don’t know, but when I see famous cartoon characters drawn wearing recognizable fashion brands, I have flashbacks to those streetwear mockups of famous people wearing BAPE and Supreme that would make the rounds on Tumblr or Instagram in 2012. I love this short, though.

Anyway, the The Simpsons short is not only a crazy crossover that will make Balenciaga’s summer 2022 show unforgettable, but it’s also a tidy connection to Balenciaga’s spring 2022 The Simpsons hoodie and the 33rd season of the anime series, which premiered on September 26.

There were two separate Balenciaga presentations, to be clear: the The Simpsons short and a faux red carpet that preceded it.

At the latter, Balenciaga-equipped celebrities like K-Pop star and Got7 member Mark Tuan, Juergen Teller, Cardi B and Offset walked past a cadre of conventional models wearing the usual boxy suits and rugged Crocs.

Kanye may have hit the track as well, but that’s unclear given that the final character on the track was wearing a mask. A face shroud is tried-and-true Kanye-ism right now, though, and his recent partnerships with Demna would make that especially likely.

However, the scuttlebutt on the ground suggests that it was actually Demna himself in the bodysuit, not Ye. The plot thickens!

Balenciaga has yet to release the full show video – complete with celebrity appearances – but it has uploaded the models’ video to YouTube. We can at least review the looks worn by the classic models.

This show is basically normal for Balenciaga – remember, this year alone Balenciaga revealed heeled Crocs, a sneaker cube, a Fortnite collaboration, and all this coming together with Gucci, to name but a few major moments.

In a fashion month full of big moments and show-stopping, uh, catwalks, let Balenciaga redefine the idea of ​​a fashion show.

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