The scoop on Stormzy’s outfits in “Mel Made Me Do It”

Stormzy has long been a fan of all black outfits, but this video sees him jump on color like never before – neon hues, deep burgundy and cerulean blue. Still, he’s not quite ready to dabble in the dazzling patterns and eye-catching technicolor one would expect from a global artist – although there are still plans for that. “We ventured into color with the color-block looks, so we introduced color subtly into his wardrobe, but I plan to have him participate in big patterns and inject more vibrant colors into it because they are currently more low-key,” says Holdbrook-Akposoe.

The music video also gives us a look at Stormzy’s unrivaled watch collection. He spits at one point “I wear my 5990 in the gym”, which refers to one of his Patek Philippe pieces. “He actually wears a 5990 in the gym and the look, which includes sweats and a vest, is a parody of that,” Holdbrook-Akposoe tells me. “Every time he buys a new watch he lets me know and I think of outfits around the watch. The watch is the focus of the outfit every time and everything else works with it.

For the music video, Stormzy can be seen in another Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980 with burgundy crocodile straps, which was paired with the aforementioned burgundy Valentino look, while there is another Patek Aquanaut 5168 in gold, and another, that Holdbrook-Akposoe associated with an electric blue Coordination Jacquemus. There are a few Audemars Piguet watches in there, one of which is an openwork Royal Oak skeleton and has been worn with a Louis Vuitton pocket-heavy jacket, from the brand’s Virgil Abloh days.

On Abloh, Holdbrook-Akposoe tells me that Stormzy supports black greatness, especially black-led and black-owned brands. “We wanted to showcase British talent Bianca Saunders and hers is one of the most prevalent looks in the video,” she explains, detailing a chunky, speckled cobalt two-piece bob cut that the rapper is wearing. to walk his dogs. Stormzy had seen some of Saunders’ collections and knew who she was when he was told the look was one of hers, and he felt it was the right look to push in the video. “Every time I go to Stormzy and say it’s a black-owned brand, he’s always on board.”

And while she may be the woman dressing him backstage at this point in his career, Holdbrook-Akposoe has a starring role in the video. “There’s a look where he and I are together and we’re wearing these matching lime green Bottega Veneta and Mugler outfits, it was iconic,” she says. He needed to be persuaded, as Stormzy isn’t usually a fan of boots, but once he saw the end result, he was into it.

As for what’s next for Stormzy on this style journey? “We’re styling him for Global Citizen tomorrow, which is the next leg of his journey and he’ll be wearing a black-owned brand, Biglommoz Couture, who is from Ghana and Stormzy is Ghanaian, so that’s important.” Holdbrook-Akposoe also says his tracksuit days aren’t over. “Let’s say he’s still going to wear tracksuits, but they’ll be cashmere. We have a fashion icon in the making.


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