The fashion industry has a sustainability problem.  These brands tackle it.

The fashion industry has a sustainability problem. These brands tackle it.

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The exact negative environmental impact of the fashion industry remains largely unknown despite the facts and figures you’ve seen online, but one thing is for sure: it’s a big deal. The problem is so widespread that fashion brands are rapidly developing strategies to reduce their footprint, from the use of bio-based materials to recycling initiatives to “rental runway” concepts. In fact, we’ve spotlighted brands in the outdoor industry with similar initiatives, but the fashion industry is rapidly gaining traction.

While consumers and brands could always do more on behalf of the planet, we need to start small if we want to create serious and lasting change. As we look to support brands that help us be more eco-friendly, consider shopping the following big names demonstrating the potential for sustainable fashion that’s as good for the planet as it looks.

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Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo’s recently launched Re.Uniqlo aims to collect branded clothing from around the world for reuse in new products. Parts dropped off in collection bins found in stores around the world are categorized into 18 detailed categories to meet recipient needs, while other items are recycled for use as an alternative fuel in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. CO2. Additionally, the brand also works with NGOs and partners to distribute used clothing to underserved communities around the world.

Tentree Apparel is a leading sustainable fashion brand in 2022

Clothing Tentée


For every item purchased, Tentree plants 10 trees in the ground and provides customers with a unique code to track the growth of their trees over time. The brand’s latest predictions suggest it will plant a billion trees by 2030, and the garments are currently made from a blend of ethically and sustainably sourced materials such as coconut shell, cork , recycled polyester and organic cotton. Its packaging uses sustainable materials to limit the use of chemicals and water, reducing the number of fluorinated chemicals that enter the environment during manufacturing.

Reformation is a forward-thinking brand that is ideal for shopping in 2022



Women’s fashion brand Reformation has benefited from its transparent sustainable practices for years. For example, each item comes with a description and environmental footprint score to help consumers better understand the impact of their purchase, and countless pieces are made with materials that are recycled or sustainable in environmentally friendly environments. fair. Carbon neutral since 2015, the label also helps protect deforested environments to offset its impact, and customers can resell their clothes to Reformation for store credit.

a brown corduroy jacket on a model


This surf-inspired brand, founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater, sells a list of organic, fair trade clothing that we’ve worn in the office for years. From heavyweight shirts to tough pants, Outerknown is committed to using 90% organic, recycled, or reclaimed materials while investing in the lives of more than 5,000 workers through Fair Trade USA. Equally impressive is its in-depth sustainability roadmap including initiatives through 2030, as well as its flexibility that emphasizes constant evolution.

Pact clothing on a man wearing a red and black flannel top with a tan shirt underneath

Pact Clothing


The Colorado-based brand, which describes itself as Earth’s favorite garment, receives strong marks from Good On You, which notes its high proportion of eco-friendly materials and its Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified manufacturing facilities. ). Its soft, colorful garments also share space with bed and bath linens, so consider it a one-stop-shop for most everything you need to feel good without harming the planet.

People Tree is good for the planet and great for everyday use in 2022

people tree

people tree

There is perhaps no fashion brand on this list more transparent and enduring than UK-based People Tree. Receiving incredibly high marks for its labor and planetary standards, each garment is made from eco-friendly materials, including Fairtrade certified organic cotton and natural dyes. As a member of the WFTO Guarantee Scheme, it adheres to a strict set of environmental guidelines while promoting fair wages and safe working conditions. Founded in 1991, it is considered one of the first sustainable fashion brands to open up shop before sustainability became cool.

H&M clothes are surprisingly sustainable in 2022



Despite its size, H&M has slowly moved away from its fast-fashion roots in recent years. The company now publishes detailed information about its suppliers and supply chain policies and sets science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations. The famous Conscious collection is made of materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester, and customers can recycle old H&M clothes at stores nationwide for credit toward a future purchase. Although the brand has a lot going for it in the area of ​​sustainability, its impact isn’t as negative as you might assume.

Ministry of Supply is a sustainable fashion brand to shop in 2022

ministry of supply

ministry of supply

Developed by engineers and backed by data, the brand produces zero emissions, zero waste, is certified climate neutral and captures carbon in bio-based fabrics. Its water-repellent fabrics are PFOA-free and the factories have eco-friendly production certifications through BlueSign and/or Oeko-Tex 100. Truth be told, we could detail the brand’s sustainability efforts for a while, so consider learning more about his accomplishments. here.

Nudie Jeans produces sustainable denim products in 2022

John Nudie

John Nudie

Falling in love with quality denim has always been easy, but it’s made even easier thanks to Nudie Jeans’ commitment to sustainable practices which include using a high proportion of eco-friendly materials such as Global Organic Textile Standard cotton, scraps of old clothes and scraps of textile waste. He is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to improve conditions for workers in garment factories and guarantees a living wage (with plans to further improve wages in the years to come). Receive a higher score from Of course, youmake it your go-to source for all things denim.

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