The Times + Life Lessons Festival in partnership with The Times & The Sunday Times will take place in the heart of King’s Cross from September 9-11. This festival is designed to inspire us and give us the impetus to navigate today’s society. Giving us all the tools necessary to live a limitless life!

Right next to Islington and Camden, this fully inclusive, community-wide event will feature over 100 thought leaders and bright minds to explore stories, ideas and attitudes over the three days of the festival.

As a connected nation under constant stimulation accompanied by high levels of stress, thanks to a global pandemic, burnout is fast becoming the next epidemic.

The three-day event will see a unique and eclectic program of 60 live lectures across three stages, 30 Masterclasses, a host of interactive experiences, art installations, live entertainment and social spaces to explore how we can take back the control over our health and well-being. and live better.

The Life Lessons With main stage will host a stellar line-up of speakers, including immersive documentary filmmaker and broadcaster, Louis Theroux, singer, actress and acclaimed personality, Paloma Faith, the award-winning fashion entrepreneur and world-renowned businesswoman , Anya Hindmarch CBE, author, journalist and broadcaster, Caitlin Moran, entrepreneur, lecturer and investor Steven Bartlett and poet, playwright and memoirist Lemn Sisay OBE among many others.

The In Good Company stage offers a series of discussions and debates led by leading mentors in the fields of health, well-being, culture and business. Homosapien host Chris Sweeney, physician and youth mental health ambassador Dr. Alex George, leading wellness profession and international TEDx speaker, Adrienne Herbert, Times radio host, journalist and presenter Mariella Frostrup, journalist, author and broadcaster Anna Whitehouse, and poet, mental health advocate and producer Hussain Manawer er and many others.

Leaders in travel, sport, adventure and self-discovery will share their first-hand stories of high performance and overcoming adversity on the discovery stage. Speakers include Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, Alice Liveing ​​and Fats Timbo, plus a guest stage on Saturday in partnership with learning and development platform BecomingX, which will see a host of real and remarkable people share their stories to inspire others. to realize their own potential.

Those looking for intimate talks with personal development experts can take part in the Times+ Masterclass series. These sessions explore ways to improve and adapt lifestyle choices by covering topics such as “How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome”, “How to Get Your Glow Back”, and “How to Build a Healthy Brain”, as well as a dedicated series on Money Matters in partnership with Times Money Mentor. Experts include the likes of breathing expert Stuart Sandeman, movement coach Roger Frampton, award-winning food producer and psychologist Kimberley Wilson, and health and wellness expert Madeleine Shaw.

The world premiere Sensory Slowdown will captivate festival-goers through a unique multi-sensory immersive journey. Designed by renowned sensory innovator and designer Ari Peralta, in collaboration with color and wellness consultants Mycoocoon, the experience will combine light, smell, sound and touch to help visitors relax. and to explore new ways to disconnect, calm the mind and restore the senses.

Inspired by circadian science, the sensory slowdown will begin with colorful optical illusions to tease the brain, followed by the discovery of the visitor’s personalized color profile and peak productivity time, ending with an enveloping meditation to replenish energy and uplift the mood.
In partnership with global activists Rewriting Extinction, the DUG-sponsored “Stories to Save the World” digital gallery will demonstrate the powerful actions we can take to make a difference for our planet by harnessing the power of storytelling. Through a series of live comics focused on species extinction and biodiversity, curated by two-time Emmy-nominated writer, producer and founder Paul Goodenough, Rewriting Extinction will share simple ways we can take action and do a difference to save the planet.

Visitors will also be able to subscribe to their own comic in a live selfie wall, allowing users to be their own comic chef.


Creativity and well-being are intrinsically linked, and the festival is packed with artists, poets, photographers and creatives as well as the latest trends, ideas, innovations and concepts for living well.

Conceptual artist and poet Robert Montgomery will create a powerful piece of verbal art installed in the iconic Coal Drops Yard, which will reflect the current times and the way we live for festival-goers and the community to enjoy.

Storytelling journal SOULKIND will also feature a series of their powerful portraits in a live outdoor gallery, celebrating stories of human effort, exploration and resilience.

Alongside this, there will also be a gallery of inspirational quotes from ‘Love’, ‘London’ and ‘Real-life heroes’ from the much-loved London underground duo All On The Board aka Jeremy Chopra and Ian Redpath.

Making art accessible to all, Sophie Tea, one of the most disruptive and in-demand artists of our generation, will showcase her bold colors and empowering messages in a live artwork she will create in our backyard from the terrace, during the festival. weekend. This exclusive event will give visitors the chance to see themselves and the world from a new perspective.

Life Lessons will create a sense of unity, community and fun, creating a variety of spaces across the festival, to encourage visitors to connect, share, socialize and be entertained.

Through interactive photography and story-sharing features, live podcast recordings, pop-up bars, food stalls and an “Around Town” program in partnership with local venues and retailers, Life Lessons Festival 2022 will provide opportunities to connect and share in our social spaces. .

The Retreat Lounge, a quiet sanctuary where festival-goers can take a moment away from the hustle and bustle to relax, reconnect and reflect.

The terrace will offer a chance to refuel after lively discussions, while at the Supernacular Bar you can experience the taste sensations of flavor consultant Jack Sotti. Or, for an outdoor option, The Garden will be a dedicated space on Lewis Cubitt Park, perfect for picnics and relaxing between talks and experiences.

Luxury automotive partner Lexus will also host a dedicated space celebrating the ancient Japanese concept of “Takumi”, showcasing the art of craftsmanship.

There will also be a host of free “Around Town” events hosted by local vendors and retailers, as well as pop-ups showcasing the latest innovations, concepts and techniques in the wellness world.

The Fore’s Lifestyle Lab will offer free workshops on the everyday stresses of modern life, from insomnia to stress and burnout. Breathwork master Stuart Sandeman, movement specialist Roger Frampton and innovative FaceGym, among others, will be on hand to give tasters of their groundbreaking methods to help visitors live their best lives.

The Happiness Lab at The Frame will offer a host of movement workshops throughout the three days, embracing happiness through movement and exercise, making exercise accessible to everyone. With workshops encouraging mindful eating, body positivity and finding your voice, Frame will celebrate every (beautiful) body.

Life Lessons Festival celebrates storytelling and its power to create culture and community by working with global icons, experts, creatives and brand leaders to share inspirational short films at this year’s festival in partnership with Everyman Cinema at their Screen on the Corner.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, want to learn from the experts, or simply want to rejuvenate your life, the Times+ Life Lessons Festival will enlighten, entertain and engage all who visit, in a truly spectacular setting.

Tickets are available now. Buy your standard entry ticket for £20*, then organize your day by adding the Main Stage, In Good Company and Masterclass session from £15 at