Sustainable fashion brands to know for the travel season

Sustainable fashion brands to know for the travel season

The resort experience begins long before you reach a spring or summer destination. The excitement begins the moment you start packing for your next resort getaway. For fashion enthusiasts, fitting before the flight is non-negotiable. Much like a dress rehearsal, they spend hours not only packing, but trying on each ensemble until every look is perfect. Prior to writing this story, I saw a post on my social media feed that asked, “When packing for a trip, do you ‘repeat’ your outfits?” The response to which was a resounding, ” absolutely”.

After months of restricted travel, it’s impossible to contain her enthusiasm for discovering new places and revisiting treasured vacation spots. The idea that beautiful clothes designed for resort life will see the light of day again is also cause for celebration. It even inspired a wardrobe refresh where new additions tell the story of an individual rekindling a love of travel and style.

This season’s resort edition spotlights special collections, collaborations and conscious brands that honor heritage, craftsmanship, the planet and new life after lockdown.

A collection inspired by ethnic ancestry

Bathrobes, bathing suits and coordinates of RSB SWIMWEAR are always the first inside a luggage in the direction of paradise. The enduring luxury swimwear brand never fails to ignite wanderlust and turn a few heads. Stunning silhouettes infused with the brand’s signature prints transport the senses to some of Venezuela’s most magical places. Example: The Ancestral collection for Spring/Summer 2022. It is the fruit of the imagination, hard work and dedication of its designers to honor the indigenous communities of the region. The craftsmanship of the Yekwana and Yanomami ethnic groups is reimagined by mother-daughter design tandem, Ruth Sanchez Bueno and Marlene Lazarde, through an infusion of vibrant color.

Ruth explains, “The Wapas vegetable fiber baskets hand-woven by Yekwana men inspired the prints. It displays the mythical tale of the origins of mankind, a very important sacred statement for the indigenous group. For the Yekwana, the Wapas tell the story of creation. This affinity with origin, land, and coexistence also manifests in other patterns revered by the Yanonami ethnic group. Primarily done in black and gold hues, the images of the jaguar, moon, sun and spirit elicit a solemn introspection into the past and its stark contrast to modern life.

Completely handmade statement pieces

When you’re packing for spring or summer break, well-dressed people will always tell you to have at least one statement piece. CUTTERS AND THREADS is a slow fashion artisan brand with roots in Mexico. And the label company knows how to make a strong resort statement. It celebrates the work of hands, employing centuries-old traditions to weave pieces that elevate any resort ensemble. Each step of the creative process is a tribute to the creativity and craftsmanship of Mexico’s underdeveloped communities.

The fringe is the unifying element that unites each new creation of the brand. From tops, dresses and pants, a deliberately raw and undone look conveys a style temperament too cool to be groomed. This distinctive design element instantly elevates a daytime poolside ensemble or even a cocktail party number. I love that each piece of clothing can be used as both a blanket and a night show. They can even be worn on a sultry night out on the town.

Essential pieces for a compact resort wardrobe

Since 2009, ONIA has created versatile garments with clean cuts that feel effortless. In Hebrew, Onia translates directly to “sailboat”. It is indicative of the passions of the founders of the brand: “journeys of discovery, fine craftsmanship and superior design”. Simplicity is a core value that rings true in their choice of silhouettes, colors and prints. A recent collaboration with European fabric supplier LIBERTY OF LONDON has resulted in a vibrant resort collection filled with florals and color.

In true form, silhouettes remain streamlined and seamless. Each garment in the collection makes a smart addition to any compact travel wardrobe. Versatile in nature, the pieces offer endless possibilities to mix and match. Rather, the brand’s offerings for the season serve better as basic pieces that can be scaled down or built up to fit any season, destination, or mood. The team manifesto affirms this, writing: “We are committed to making easy and stylish living an achievable concept with essentials that transition smoothly from active days to restful weekends.

All vegetable dyed

The depth and intensity of colors that can only be achieved with vegetable dyes are magnificent, especially for resort living. It gives great ease to any look. And because natural dyes leave unique imprints on fabrics, they inherently register as bespoke feel-good items. AWAKEAWAKENED is the first luxury clothing brand dedicated solely to showcasing the use of vegetable dyes. Founded in 2021 by Jaclyn Hodes, the brand eschews anything synthetic or artificially made. Instead, its makers choose to highlight “plants that not only make materials brighter, but also offer healing to the wearer.”

The exclusive use of “living color”, as it is called in the AWAVEAWAKE workshop, is not only healing. It also aims to relieve carriers of toxics from mass fashion production. As well as leaving a positive impact on wearers and the planet, the thought process behind each piece is rooted in the organic, almost magical ways in which natural dyes inscribe themselves into fabrics. The team explains, “Plant-dyed materials alchemize fabrics in the most sumptuous way and take shape in many sensual forms – several styles of bias-cut briefs and other flowing, swirling silhouettes and Layered pieces are constant themes each season.

Boarding the same boat to peace

The proof that fashion is not frivolous is reinforced by the fact that the industry is doing what it can to support worthy causes. Among these efforts is a strong call to support fashion brands from conflict-stricken Ukraine. But even before the war, Kyiv-based womenswear brand BEVZA was on the radar of fashion connoisseurs, especially when it came to sophisticated, streamlined dresses.

The sustainable fashion brand, which has temporarily opened its website, is a shining example of Ukrainian grit, courage and resilience. This season, the BEVZA team went ahead with the release of its Spring/Summer 2022 collection. It was a presentation that, surprisingly and impressively, exuded lightness, movement and serenity. Evening dresses echo a mastery of draping techniques and a true understanding of the female form. Sailor-inspired tops, skirts and jackets leave a poignant message that inspires compassion: we’re in this together.

Chic choices for conscious change

Fashion always changes. In the context of conscious and sustainable lifestyles, change is best manifested through the choices made by producers, suppliers and consumers. Inside the independent label’s workshop ECRU in Peru, manufacturers believe that “you are what you wear”. The brand takes its commitment to sustainability by working with natural fibers produced by local communities. The pieces are made according to the values ​​of slow fashion. Everything is made to last and survive trends.

ECRU parts are easy. relevant and accessible. I’d like to consider them entry-level items, ideal for those learning to wean themselves off a fast fashion addiction. Their knit robes, bathrobes, kimonos, and matching spring/summer sets are smart travel options that work beautifully with just about any style sensibility. Simple yet visually impactful, ECRU’s selections are likely to become wardrobe staples, not just during travel season, but throughout the year.

The secret is in the band

The secret to a professional stylist’s success is in the beautiful clothes that clients wear. No matter how gorgeous an outfit may be, unsightly suspenders and awkward briefs can instantly ruin a major fashion moment. YOOBTAPE is a fashion find whatever the season, but especially during the months when backless dresses and bodycon dresses are in rotation. It differs from other players in the category by the use of organic materials. I love how the brand’s bust bands come in a wide variety of colors to suit all skin tones.

YOOBTAPE’s products have been carefully developed to appeal equally to all shapes, sizes and personal styles. The unique construction consists of 95% organic cotton, which is latex-free and hypoallergenic. Unlike other nipple tapes that pull on the skin or irritate sensitive skin, the brand’s signature adhesive adheres perfectly to the surface while ensuring easy removal. Since I have my personal stash of YOOBTAPE products, I no longer have to worry about finding reliable, well-fitting underwear to wear under my favorite resort wear.


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