Some Amazing Instagram Clothing Stores You Should Definitely Check Out

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Instagram has become more than just a social media platform. It acts as a digital advertisement for businesses, a promotional platform for small businesses, and even a mode of doing business. With the many clothing stores on Instagram that allow you to order and buy affordable yet fabulous trendy outfits. These stores have amazing collections of clothes and accessories. Instagram stores are gaining popularity because of the access they provide. But not all Insta stores are trustworthy. And finding the best in the vast ocean can be a difficult task. So we have provided you with a list of reasonable and trustworthy stores with easy delivery and return options. The stores also offer particular outfits that you might not find on other clothing platforms.


It is the most popular among all. If you’re looking for cool summer dresses and tops, head straight to Zoomberg. Their collection of summer dresses is adorable with a starting price of INR 1000. They are dispatched within 24 hours and offer the option of COD.

Dressing room

This is another gem that is your go-to destination for Western clothing. They have everything from funky shoes to stylish party clothes at a starting price of INR 1000.


This store is headquartered in Jaipur and is your one stop shop for everything from ethnic to western. They have a wide variety of amazing kurta sets, dresses, and loungewear, mostly with muted shades and minimalist vibes. If you are looking for subtle ethnic clothing, this is your answer.

Bombay Closet Cleanse

It’s a thrift store run by women. Although the outfits are second-hand, you can be sure of their quality. You can buy everything from clothes, accessories and bags from brands like Zara, Forever21, H&M, Gucci and Adidas.

Urban Suburb

Urban Suburban has a massive following on Insta. They have a brilliant collection of contemporary and ethnic clothing, starting at just INR 700. You can find everything from jumpsuits and draped skirts to ethnic clothing with modern silhouettes, vibrant patterns and elegant looks.

The Local Vintage

This outlet is a promoter of sustainable fashion. Run by Sujala Newar, it is heaven for those looking for vintage blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses and jeans, starting at INR 1250.

The loom

This is a store that brings authentic, handmade items to your doorstep that are intricately crafted. They have an amazing collection of original handmade costumes and dresses. They have a minimum price range of INR 2000.

Vintage Boom Copper

This outlet also stocks vintage clothing and has a range of beautiful unisex cashmere shirts as well as other fashionable outfits.


Another haven of ethnic clothing! Comfortable, elegant and stylish are the words that can describe their line of clothing.

Local savings

Another thrift store that offers contemporary clothing as well as decorative homewares. Their ethnic collection is worth the detour!

The style beehive

This is a place that offers you everything from cool party clothes to comfy casual clothes. They have an amazing collection of clothes that have a fresh twist and can make a fashion statement. Plus, their clothes are ridiculously affordable with easy shipping, making them the best stop for western clothes.

The hype

Hype’s beautiful collection starts at just 399 INR and goes up to 2000INR. Besides clothing, they have everything from accessories to phone cases.

These are some of the best Instagram stores in India that have immense popularity and huge success. So spend your hard-earned money wisely at these stores instead of splurging.

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