Sia Arnika: Club-ready clothes for your inner badass

Sia Arnika: Club-ready clothes for your inner badass

His designs play with sizes and measurements, like the obnoxious patterning of an oversized orange leather jacket, and Fox’s favorite crop top in its tiny proportion. She uses fabrics and finishes like vinyl, faux fur, and lace-up ties to turn a simple silhouette into a hellish statement. I think you can’t help but be influenced by who you were,” she says. I definitely embrace that big, clumsy girl that I used to be, but I celebrate the woman that I’ve become.

Originally studying for a degree in production and supply in Copenhagen – what she says taught her the ins and outs of business” – Arnika later moved to Berlin to complete a BA in Fashion at ESMOD, where she went to experiment with her designs.

When she walks in the capital, she often invents stories for the strangers who pass her, some of which end up in her collections. I observe people – it’s my favorite pastime to observe and invent my own narrative about someone else’s life,” she says. It’s now a professional curiosity, inventing characters, inventing how they dress, who they hang out with and where they go clubbing.

Arnika has no shortage of foreigners turning heads in Berlin, with some of Europe’s best clubs, gay scenes and after-dark subcultures even after all these years and the constant shadow of its glory days – although it’s only the oldest who says so, isn’t it? Ordinary people on the streets of Berlin are fabulous,” she says. We’re seeing an influx of tech companies, and that’s sure to change the mood. But we have our communities of artists, musicians and unconventional people, so we’re fine.

Right now, Arnika is tracing her Danish roots and finding her influence in the old tales and mysticism of her hometown, Nykøbing – which, apparently, also serves some of the best oysters in the world (or so she tells us, anyway). As for his next collection: I want the wearer to feel like a badass.


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