Powerhouse partners with the David Roche Foundation for Fantastic Worlds

Powerhouse partners with the David Roche Foundation for Fantastic Worlds

Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum is home to many artifacts that elicit a sense of wonder. Made from a wide range of materials and techniques, they captivate us with their otherworldly beauty, spark our imaginations, and illuminate our perception of ourselves and the world.

Fantastical Worlds, a traveling Powerhouse exhibition, developed around the major works of four artists and designers: Timothy Horn, Kate Rohde, Alexander McQueen and Timorous Beasties.

Robert Reason, Director of the David Roche Foundation Museum, said: “I am delighted to be working with Powerhouse, who hold Australia’s largest collection of decorative arts, to bring Fantastical Worlds exclusively to Adelaide. I have admired Eva Czernis-Ryl’s curatorial approach for many years and the theme of the exhibition resonates beautifully with David Roche’s own creation “Fermoy House” which magically transports you to a bygone era of glamor and European entertainment. Fantastical Worlds illustrates the transformative power of design across the centuries, awakening the desire for patterns and colors and leading us to contemplate what seems bizarre.

Lisa Havilah, Managing Director of Powerhouse, said, “We are delighted to partner with the David Roche Foundation to present Fantastical Worlds. Inspired by elaborate European artistic styles ranging from Baroque, Rococo and Empire, featured artists and designers have imaginatively transformed historic ideas, shapes and patterns into remarkable 21st century creations.

Eva Czernis-Ryl, Curator of Decorative Arts and Design, Powerhouse, said: “I thank Robert Reason for his interest in fantasy worlds and his shared joy in seeking new perspectives to reveal the magic and power of works of art. decorative arts. Paintings and objects from the David Roche Foundation have enriched the exhibition with new layers of splendour, beauty and delicious strangeness.

Australian-American artist Timothy Horn is admired for his oversized wall sculptures such as Gorgonia 15, 2018, named after the gorgonian coral. Also inspired by a French Baroque earring design with exquisite pearls, Horn considers how nature has informed and materially shaped jewelry while drawing attention to the plight of coral in the face of the impact of climate change.

Internationally acclaimed British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, is pictured wearing an evening dress, 2010, by one of 16 designs from the designer’s runway final collection. Influenced by medieval arts and religion, this dress also alludes to the French Empire through its lavish use of gold embellishments. Design duo Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, behind successful Scottish brand Timorous Beasties, developed Bloody Empire wallpaper in 2013 to challenge the traditional meaning of Napoleonic bee and laurel wreath emblems . Symbols of Honor and Victory, they are spattered with colored drops of blood to recognize the horrors of the Napoleonic wars.

Australian artist and designer Kate Rohde is well known for her exuberant objects and sensory environments. Fantastical Worlds brings together his large polyurethane Deer vase in an immersive installation of his Animal wallpaper, both designed in 2016. Extravagant and vibrant in color, Rohde questions our understanding of value, preciousness and good taste.

Some ninety works of art make up this new and larger iteration of the Fantastic Worlds exhibition. Powerhouse ceramics, jewellery, silverware, furniture, textiles and fashion are joined by historic European decorative arts and paintings from the David Roche collection in a wondrous array of shapes, ornaments and dazzling colors .

Alongside the four major artists and designers are featured in the tables ceramics from Meissen, Sèvres, Wedgwood and other major manufacturers, antique European lace, Victorian papier-mâché furniture, a superb English harp and textiles, glass and 18th century jewelry. Contemporary millinery by London designer Philip Treacy and jewelery by Robert Baines, Helen Britton, Peter Chang, Liv Blavarp, Bin Dixon-Smith, Jennifer Trask and Philip Sajet are also on display. Recent Powerhouse acquisitions on display in Fantastical Worlds include a spectacular ceramic artwork by Korean sculptor Yeesookyung, Technicolor couture by Powerhouse Creative Industries resident Jordan Gogos, and studio glass by the South Australian, Tom Moore.

Fantastical Worlds is a traveling exhibition developed by Powerhouse exclusively for the David Roche Foundation, Adelaide.

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