PHOEBS – Alleyne student launches sustainable fashion brand A Little Bit of Stone

Alleyne sixth form student Phoebe Baddeley talks to A Little Bit of Stone about her ambition to create one of the most important brands in sustainable fashion – PHOEBS.

As 2022 unfolds before us, Phoebe, or Phoeb as she is known, talks to A Little Bit of Stone about her new brand.

“The last year of my life was crazy; I had the chance to meet and talk to some fantastic people. I am very proud of the launch of my brand, PHOEBS, which funds organizations to restore our world for the better.

My story began when I was only 15 and I am now 17! As a child, I was always fascinated by the outside world, going on ski holidays every year and seeing the world from above, but it only became a big part of my life since 2020, with this passion and this obsession that led me to create PHOEBS.

I started PHOEBS At 15, during the 3rd confinement at a time when I was struggling. The brand has been a lifeline for me, but it gives people hope for the future, “doing fashion the right way”.

I was never good at school; more people believed in me than in myself. I never had any regrets; if it was saying things I shouldn’t have said or doing things I shouldn’t have done, I don’t regret it at all! I would regret it if I had never taken the risk to launch it.

PHOEBS was established in 2021 with a vision to be one of the top sustainable brands by 2030; so far, the brand has been spotted in 14 different countries, the largest being the United States.

Since its launch, PHOEBS has made the impossible possible, such as helping to prevent the extinction of an entire species, which is a direct result of supporting people PHOEBS. I’m really delighted with how my business has grown, it’s currently valued at £17,000 and that’s what has made it all possible.

We have huge opportunities ahead of us. Therefore, I have decided to support another organization to help regenerate the UK. I’m really excited for the future, to see things PHOEBS achieve and the person I will become along the way. – It changed my life.

Phoeb went on to explain what the future vision for PHOEBS is, telling us:

“I hope that in the future, PHOEBS is more than just a brand. I want the public to be proud of it, a British brand, a brand that everyone wears not just because of its values ​​but because of the change it brings by funding organizations to create the future that was about to slipping away, a world of richness and colorful nature returning.

As a young entrepreneur, we take influence and support from those around us; Phoeb singles out her biggest supporters like her headmaster at Alleyne, her mother, and the enthusiasm and conviction of teacher Mrs. Chadwick.

Phoeb ends by telling us about her vision for PHOEBS and why it will be different:

“At PHOEBS, we envision a wilder future; it’s not too late to save the desert that escapes us so we must unite. With every sale we make, the proceeds are donated to organizations such as Rewilding Britain and the Biological Rescue Project to help bring communities together to stop extinction and restore nature. Our product line uses listed sustainable materials with PETA-certified vegan cotton and recycled polyester.

So why PHOEBS change the way fashion is perceived in the environment? Our brand is not just a brand; it is visionary; it gives people hope for the future because with every type of clothing developed, it does not affect the world around us due to the sustainable resources and vision we have.

Are you asking this? Would you spend an extra £10 on an organic tee that helps regenerate one of the country’s poorest nature and restore wildlife, or would you buy a top for £5, which consumed an entire river destroying everything an ecosystem causing species to become extinct? We do fashion the right way, as it should have been done a long time ago.

Fast fashion has been evolving for more than a decade, cheap clothes attract people despite the fact that many people are unaware that fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters, second only to the oil industry. Due to fast fashion demands, it has killed wildlife and endangers endangered species due to habitat destruction and ecosystem loss.

Despite all of this, and now having alternatives like sustainable brands like us, consumers are still buying a lot of fast fashion. Therefore, we aim to do fashion the right way; one of our core values ​​is production. So we get our products made here in the UK from organic cotton and PETA approved recycled and certified vegan materials, because we know how big an impact fashion has on the environment.

If you want to know more about PHOEBS, check out their Instagram – Phoebsclothing

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