Percival x Campari’s neo-vintage collab is reminiscent of sunny 1980s happy hour

From brainstorming a list of his dream brand collaborations, Negroni in hand, to creating a fourteen-piece collection with Campari, Christopher Gove’s Percival x Campari collection started with a single sip.

Where a warm, rich color palette meets après-sport inspired silhouettes, the trans-seasonal collection represents summer blending into fall, where sunset cocktails become acceptable as early as 5 p.m. and the layering is becoming an essential part of beer garden ensembles. Occupying a space between old school and modernist, the collaboration takes on a neo-vintage verve that feels especially appropriate in modern menswear, where styles seem to shift from logomaniacal nostalgia to clean, tailored separates.

Polo Pantani Percival x Campari

Percival x Campari Amalfi Sweater

If you are an enthusiast QG reader (first off, kudos to you), then you’ll know that Percival is no stranger to our pages. Having garnered a cult following with its retro-inspired, yet innovatively crafted polo shirts, it makes sense that Percival would consider Campari for a partnership, where both brands value vintage and contemporary in equal measure. In fact, by combining the two, both in construction and aesthetics, the entire collaboration is imbued with the anachronistic balancing act by which each brand has come to define itself.

Once the definition of 80s glamour, a bottle of Campari may have been gathering dust on your top shelf for the past decade, but ever since the Negroni was named the cocktail of 2021 by The Guardian, the tangerine-tinged liqueur is more than ever achieved. As deeply Italian as Guinness is Irish, Campari’s ready-to-wear would not be complete without the rich themes of Italian, as evidenced by the collection’s warm, saturated color palette, simultaneously embodying the tone of the Italian sunshine. as well as sepia tints. of retro photographs.

Percival x Campari Novara Jacket

Percival x Campari Novara Pants

Joining us on Zoom to shed some light on the collection, the Golden Hour, Percival’s sole designer, Christopher Gove, and Campari brand ambassador, Loris Contro, smile through the screen, decked out in the Percival x Campari jumper cardigan and Polo Munari respectively.

Contro, lit by the Parisian daylight, and Gove under the slightly grayer skies of London, say the partnership “is incredibly natural”. Throughout his design career, Gove has repeatedly expressed the importance of following “brand passion” when it comes to Percival collaborations. “I like to follow the culture of the people of Percival, and one of our main interests is drinking,” he says.

Percival x Campari jumper cardigan

Percival x Campari Munari knitted polo shirt

“The design didn’t feel laborious at all,” says Gove. “Campari has such a rich history and cultural heritage that when it came to designing, I thought there was so much to draw from here. From retro poster art, l ‘deco era, the surreal stuff and all the way to retro and after-sport sports sponsorships. It’s global but retains its identity, so rare to find. It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever had to design.

“There has always been a connection between Campari and artistic expression, since the beginning of the 20th century,” adds Contro. “This partnership with Percival is an evolution of that, sealing the bond between Campari and art.”

Percival x Campari Embroidered Work Shirt

Percival x Campari Marcello knit

Now live, shop the Percival x Campari collection here.


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