Pac-Man in Fortnite (Image via Wallpaper Cave)

Pac Man skins are coming to Fortnite, new online information surfaces

At this point, fans can’t rule out a Fortnite collaboration with literally anything. There are plenty that make perfect sense, like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Naruto, and others. Many of them fit perfectly into the skin pattern, and those that don’t (Morty Smith comes to mind) can be adjusted or given a suitable product.

Going further, many collaborations are pretty crazy to think about. Balenciaga and Fortnite are two things that would usually never be together. Now they are just another collaboration. The same goes for the Jordan brand, the NBA and Ferrari.

New information has surfaced online about a potentially unique collaboration that really does seem to exist. Pac-Man is supposed to be coming to the game, which is a surprising (or is it?) move that has players excited for the future.

Pac-Man is coming soon to Fortnite

The Pac-Man collaboration was first announced by ShiinaBR, one of the most prominent leakers in the community. According to them, players will have to wait a few days before seeing any of the classic video game characters in Fortnite.

The tentative release date for one of the most well-known collaborations is June 2, just before Chapter 3 Season 3. This effectively rules out the possibility of it being in the next Battle Pass.

Many gamers may have wondered how Epic Games could translate a small, circular figure with no feet or hands into a skin. Currently, all skins fit into a few very similar models. Some are a bit larger than others, but none are as small.

The size of the skin and Epic Games’ desire to keep all skins equal and fair limits them somewhat. They could never turn a Pokemon into a skin or get anything like that.

However, new information has arrived that dispels the doubts. According to ShiinaBR, the Pac-Man collaboration will not be a Pac-Man skin. Instead, players can expect base skins featuring Pac-Man merchandise.

According to the Japanese PAC-MAN website, we probably won’t get PAC-MAN himself in Fortnite, but normal characters with clothes based on his design. The website only says there will be items with “PAC-MAN designs” 🤔 Anything else would have been unlikely anyway.

It will likely be very similar to the Balenciaga crossover in which other skins wear licensed clothing from the brand.

It is important to note that these are leaks and therefore cannot be confirmed. Epic Games has yet to make an official announcement or blog post regarding the collaboration.

However, their recent Twitter activity could be seen as a nod to the upcoming collaboration. Their response to Pac-Man doesn’t confirm the partnership, but it gives players hope.

Fortnite wishes Pac-Man a happy birthday (Image via Twitter)
Fortnite wishes Pac-Man a happy birthday (Image via Twitter)

Until June 2, players will simply have to arm themselves with patience and settle for collaborations like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Doctor Strange.

What do you think of the Pac-Man x Fortnite collaboration? Let us know in the comments section below!


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