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As we move through the ever-thriving world of technological advancements, it seems the Metaverse is on everyone’s mind. But there’s another word that’s been all the rage lately, and it can mean a whole lot more than you think. Phygital is described as “the concept of using technology to connect the digital world to the physical world for the purpose of providing a unique interactive user experience”, but its meaning does not end there. The concept has been applied to fashion much more recently, giving style enthusiasts plenty of options beyond what was initially possible within the four walls of their closet. Not only is the concept super cool, but it’s also sustainable and taking steps to create a world with less waste.

In order to learn more about what awaits us as consumers in this new era of phygital fashion, we needed to hear from the experts. Last week, NYFW and Afterpay hosted an incredible panel for their iconic series NYFW: The Talks. On the panel were Melanie McClain, Head of Community Pools and Founder of Blured Lines, Natalie McGrath, Vice President of Marketing for Afterpay, Elise Swopes, an artist, and Michelle Reeves, Co-Founder and CEO of Mavion World, a global fashion brand NFT. market.

Phygital combines the words digital and physical to create something so much more. The women spoke of a store in Soho, which they described as “an empty store with a dressing room and an iPhone” where you then have the opportunity to sample endless style combinations. They were no doubt referring to the Zero10 x Crosby Studios popup that opened in SoHo earlier this month. The unique futuristic experience took viewers to a different approach to a stylistic shopping experience. Michelle Reeves told the story of her young son going to Balenciaga in search of t-shirts that he believed would unlock an exclusive Fortnite skin. Although not, it got her thinking about the connections between the physical and digital aspects of fashion.

It was an incredibly insightful conversation that got audience members thinking outside the box when it came to readily available style. Just because you don’t have the physical materials to create something doesn’t mean it can’t be done, and the steps into the world of Phygital fashion are nothing short of exciting.

Learn more about NYFW: The Talks and discover exclusive clips here!

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