Olivia Wilde’s Plunging Gown Is Just As Dramatic As ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Rumors

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Olivia Wilde has had a wild few months but she doesn’t seem too worried about it. The don’t worry darling The director has spent the past week appearing on talk shows, tackling and dodging questions surrounding the making and release of the film – and of course, her relationship with superstar Harry Styles. She played it cool and honestly, she looks even cooler – the plunging neckline in Olivia Wilde’s dress last night was arguably more dramatic than the press rumors.

In case you missed it, the cast of don’t worry darling made a very uncomfortable appearance at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, which only fueled rumors of a potential feud between Olivia Wilde and the film’s star, Florence Pugh. Many cast members ducked out on the red carpet, leading to new rumors that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles had broken up. As if that weren’t enough to argue about, video footage captured an awkward interaction between Harry Styles and Chris Pine that made it look like Styles was spitting on Pine (all parties deny this). Needless to say Olivia Wilde had a lot information to clarify.

STYLECATER |  Olivia Wilde dress

Olivia Wilde in New York on September 21. The Mega Agency.

She appeared at the recording of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in a simple outfit – a classic white T-shirt and wide pants. She kept the ensemble minimal for recording the show and saved the dress for her big outing.

After her appearance, Olivia Wilde stepped out in New York in a stunning white dress. The long dress featured multiple cutouts, a navel-length neckline, and an open back. It was elegant, flirty and the perfect transitional piece between summer and fall. Olivia Wilde paired the dress with contrasting heavy black boots with a chunky heel to lean into the changing season. She wore her hair in loose waves and kept her accessories very minimal with just a pair of black sunglasses to wear into the night (see, I told you she keeps it cool).

STYLECATER |  Olivia Wilde dress

Olivia Wilde in New York on September 21. Getty Images.

It turns out that Olivia Wilde was planning on adding another accessory to her white dress all along. She wore the sexy ensemble to double confirm that things between her and Harry Styles are still going strong. Olivia Wilde showed her support for Harry Styles during his concert at Madison Square Garden. The show was the fifteenth and final performance of his sold-out Madison Square Garden residency – a huge accomplishment for an artist. Olivia Wilde was spotted dancing Music in a sushi restaurant in her white dress and matching white feather boa, a signature Harry Styles fandom accessory.

With the highly anticipated release of don’t worry darling In theaters this weekend and with all eyes on the cast, we’re sure to see more fashion moments from Olivia Wilde. Based on Wilde’s previous range of looks, we’re not too worried about that.

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