No one does western like Runyon's

No one does western like Runyon’s

Runyon’s Fine Furniture wants to be your friends and help you create your dream home with its premium western furniture designs.

Texas-based high-end custom furniture and design center, Runyon’s Fine Furniture, is a master at creating one-of-a-kind Western living spaces suitable for a room or an entire home. Bo Runyon (owner) and Karen Schaeffer, a pair of elite designers, are renowned for producing rarefied western interiors that reflect ‘you’ and your personal lifestyle. What really sets this company apart from its competition isn’t its one-of-a-kind custom-designed western furniture, it’s the one-of-a-kind “experience” that the company offers. His atmospheric and enchanting style is, by definition, reclaiming the spirit of the old west, which is why it made perfect sense when Bo’s husband Andy Runyon contacted Cowboy Channel and ended up redesigning their studios. television station in downtown Fort Worth, TX, including the Cowboy Channel Bar (the first western sports bar) also located in historic downtown Fort Worth, TX near the stockyards.

“Our goal is to help you create a look that no one else has and to make your personal space reflect your own unique style. Western is our specialty. I love what Western stands for. C is a lifestyle,” ~ Bo Runyon (owner).

Runyon Lucky Strike Western Tooled Leather Recliner

Runyon’s Outlaw Leather and Cowhide Dining Chair


“Our Western, Old World and Elegant Ranch designs are unified by a keen sense of sophistication. The handcrafted details that make each piece unique. It’s the long list of local artists represented. Books on fabric swatch books and the endless customization options. We’re attentive but not pushy. We’re here to answer your questions, as well as ask them, to help you find (or create) exactly what you’re looking for. And if you’re not sure what it is, we’ll help you figure it out. We want to get to know you. We want to hear about your family, your lifestyle, and what, to you, makes a home feel like home,” says owner and elite designer Bo Runyon.

Runyon Promised Land Leather and Cowhide Swivel Chair

Runyon Big Cowboy leather and cowhide swivel chair (backrest)


Discover Runyon’s Big Cowboy and Promised Land Leather and Cowhide Swivel Chairs.

“My passion is reflected in everything I do here,” says Bo. “I love the whole process. I love getting to know my clients and going to their homes to see their decor. It’s fun. They choose their fabrics, we put it all together and they’re excited. And that makes me really excited. In fact, custom projects are what we do best.

Runyon’s officially partnered with Cowboy Channel and not only redesigned their permanent studio sets, but also created the sets for the network’s various stages at the Rodeo National Finals in Las Vegas, and the entire Runyon family was featured in a 30-minute special on Rural America Live* (click here to watch), where the family talks about their success in the furniture business, transforming their high-end home store into a custom design center at comprehensive service and constants that keep them anchored as their business continues to grow.

“Our goal is to help you create the look that no one else has and to make your personal space reflect your own unique style. Western is our specialty. I love what Western stands for. C “It’s a lifestyle. Leathers and textures especially excite Bo as a designer. “With Western, there’s so much you can do. We love working with Tibetan sheep, and it’s amazing what you can do with different skins and leathers,” says Bo.

Runyon Eastwood Leather and Axis Dining Chair

Runyon Eastwood Leather and Axis Dining Chair (Back)


Try the Eastwood Dining Chair in Leather and Axis for size.

When customers enter Runyon’s Fine Furniture’s 10,000 square foot brick-and-mortar showroom, it’s as if they’ve been transported to Yellowstone. “It’s Yellowstone with a bit more romance and elegance,” Bo says. Each display is carefully crafted with blends of premium and exotic leathers, cow hair, deer antlers, iron hardware, reclaimed teak, driftwood and natural pine – all hand dyed, worked hand-crafted, hand-carved, hand-crafted. hand painted and finished.

“We have hundreds of leathers and fabrics, so it all depends on what customers like. We are here to guide them and give them options. When you buy a piece of furniture, especially here in our store, it is an investment. We go beyond. The customer has to like it,” says Bo.

Don’t think you’re obligated to buy online (you can, but) they also want you to feel comfortable calling them to discuss your dream one-on-one over the phone or in person. Their massive 10,000 square foot showroom located in historic Roanoke, TX is open seven days a week for your convenience.

Runyon Western Cam Leather Bar Stool

Runyon Hollywood Cowboy Leather and Axis Office Chair

Runyon Jason Scott Bedside Chest

Runyon Santiago Western Sectional Sofa


Visit Runyon’s Fine Furniture on the web 24/7 to shop online or find inspiration. You can also call them directly at (817) 490-0082 with any questions you may have. You can also see what they’re up to on their Facebook and Instagram.

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