Natalie Portman Explains How to Hide Her 'Flaws', Thor's Blonde Hair and Why Julia Roberts Is His Beauty Icon

Natalie Portman Explains How to Hide Her ‘Flaws’, Thor’s Blonde Hair and Why Julia Roberts Is His Beauty Icon

Natalie Portman needs no introduction. As a 12-year-old apprentice assassin with micro bangs in Leona budding anarchist with a real buzzcut in V for Vendettaor a science fiction queen in star wars Taking space buns to extremes, Portman’s iconic on-screen roles are matched only by his hairstyles. Oscar winner, director, mother, Dior beauty ambassador, founder of a book club – the American actor of Israeli origin is a true multi-caesura.

Now she’s adding superheroes to her resume with her latest role in Thor: Love and Thunder. Accustomed to physical transformation, the 41-year-old takes on both Thor’s luscious blonde hair and his biceps in Marvel’s latest film.

Below, United Kingdom caught up with Portman to discuss beauty as an acting tool, cheerful red lipstick and why Julia Roberts is his ultimate icon…

What role has beauty played in your life?

‘It went from just wanting to fit in when I was young, to wanting to accentuate what’s different about me, that’s really the difference. Beauty relied so much on making people feel there was something wrong with them that needed to be fixed instead of saying you have so many amazing things inside of you that you can bring out, that you can express.

“I think it happens a lot more now, but growing up I definitely felt like I had to cover up my spots or hide the ‘flaws’ in my skin. I used beauty to hide and fix myself. Now I feel like it has to be a lot more about expressing myself and bringing out my personality and accentuating that, signaling to others who I am. It would be nice to see more marketing reflect this aspect of beauty.

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Growing up in the public eye, how did you navigate your own self-image?

“It was definitely a combination. It’s tricky, because of course it gives you some confidence because you have this success and attention, but it also gives you real fear and awareness of what people think of you, and that includes bad things that can make you really insecure.

Growing up, I certainly felt like I had to hide the “flaws” in my skin. I used beauty to hide.

“I see luck because a lot of people instilled in me the faith that I was capable and worthy of attention, but I also had a lot of failures and very public detractors, which is a lot to bear in as a young person. It certainly gave me thick skin and mostly taught me not to take value from the outside – other people’s opinions are not where I should hold my value.

Tell us about a beauty look that makes you happy…

‘I really like lipstick, Dior’s 999 is my favorite lipstick. I know that when I wear red lipstick or nude lipstick, I feel different. I feel bolder when I have red lipstick, and I feel more earthy and natural when I have nude lipstick. I love the Dior Rouge campaign where I laughed and smiled a lot in the images. It made me really happy because it was just very joyful”.

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As a beauty icon in her own right, who do you look to for inspiration?

“There are so many women I look up to. I give my team images of Claudia Cardinale all the time to show them the hair and makeup style I like. As for the women I love worked, Susan Sarandon is someone I admire so much as an extraordinary beauty but also as someone who celebrates her strength and her voice – she always speaks out for justice and truly cares about other humans.

“Julia Roberts is another person I was lucky enough to work with quite young. She’s such an extraordinary beauty with so much joy and generosity and she’s also incredibly natural in her own skin in a really They also both have great hair, great faces, great skin – they’re pretty genetically gifted!

How do you feel about aging on screen in an industry that generally favors young people?

“I think it’s a privilege to grow old, I love it. This current generation of actresses refuses to go anywhere and we see them thriving and doing their most interesting work in their 50s, 60s, 60s. I think we’re really seeing some amazing, beautiful, and interesting representations of all different types of women right now.

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You underwent a massive physical transformation for your last role, what role did beauty play in that?

“There’s something quite exciting about being able to play these different aspects of yourself using beauty. It’s very similar to my job of playing different characters – it has so much to do with your hair and your makeup and you feel really different. That’s not all but it can really help make a character stand out.

‘In Thor: Love and Thunder, we see my character Jane in both her mortal form and her superhero form, so the beauty aspect was really important in differentiating between the two versions of her. It was really wonderful to have these two sides of the character to play with. Between Thor and Jane, there’s definitely a lot of beautiful blonde hair in the movie!’

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Tell us about your beauty reserve…

“I don’t have a lot of stuff, but I’m not very organized either. There are things in my bag that I forget and then I change bags and I don’t know where it went… I’m going to mix something four years old with something new. But, I’m also pretty minimal with what I use, and pretty effective — my routine only takes five minutes.

‘I would never use sunscreen and I always keep two lipsticks in my bag and Dior cuticle cream because I’m really bad with my nails. If I don’t have the cream, I will start destroying my cuticles and my nails will get it!’

Growing up in Hollywood taught me that other people’s opinions are not where I should hold my worth.

Finally, tell us the best beauty advice you’ve ever received…

‘Alber Elbaz [of Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin and AZ Fashion] gave me fashion advice that I apply to beauty. He always told me: “You’re small, it’s beautiful. Don’t wear heels.” He used to say, “That’s what’s special about you – celebrate it, wear flats, be yourself. That’s what’s beautiful.” I think beauty is the same – what makes you different is what makes you beautiful. The beauty you aspire to shouldn’t be anything other than who you are. It should be about being the best version of yourself and accentuating the most special and different things about yourself.

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