Napapijri and Cordura talk about sleek, durable style for the outdoors

Napapijri and Cordura talk about sleek, durable style for the outdoors

Italian outdoor brand Napapijri wants consumers to wear their clothes longer. And through its partnership with Cordura fabrics, the brand’s latest Premium Outdoor collection highlights the fusion of “urban aesthetics, functionality and comfort” for sustainability-conscious shoppers looking for a sleek look and durable feel.

Cordura Advanced Fabrics, under the Invista umbrella, recently introduced its new Re/cor portfolio which urges industry members to “expect more, waste less”. For Napapijri’s collection, Cordura’s 100% recycled Re/cor RN6 transforms into its famous Skidoo jacket, and its UltraLite fabric enhances its Northfarer anorak.

Named for its love of the outdoors and adventure, Napapijri is a variant of the Finnish word “napapiiri”, which means “Arctic circle”. The brand said the collection’s design inspiration “explores the many facets of Norway as a country deeply connected to the very essence of the brand through its flag – a symbol of openness and passion for the outdoors”.

Described as a celebration of “what it means to live, breathe and embrace life outdoors”, her series of minimalist and versatile looks are intended to enhance outdoor experiences in any environment through an aesthetic that ” infuses outdoor living with the energy of self-expression.”

Founded in 1987, Napapijri began as a travel bag company that made its products from waxed cotton canvas, a premium fabric “borrowed from the expertise of polar explorers”, according to the brand. Today, Napapijri sells premium outerwear with a modern, fashionable Italian aesthetic.

Paolo Pezzin, Senior Materials Manager at Napapijri, said the brand “has always worked with Cordura fabrics to create iconic products. Cordura stands for strength, durability and responsibility, producing sustainable clothing that encourages consumers to buy less and wear more, breaking the habit of fast fashion. With the use of Cordura’s Re/cor RN6, Napapijri can now offer highly sustainable products by using responsibly recycled sources instead of virgin materials. »

Made from pre-consumer waste, its 100% recycled nylon RN6 fabrics are used for products that require high durability, including tech packs, backpacks, luggage and footwear, due to its resistance to abrasion, scuffs and tears. Its UltraLite fabrics are also used in durable accessories, as well as performance outerwear, and are valued for their lustrous sheen and water repellency that manifests in finished, coated or laminated options.

Malayka Erpen, Global Consumer Segment Leader at Cordura, said the company “applies our knowledge of sustainable fiber and fabric technologies to help shape and define the garments of tomorrow, and we are excited to partner with Napapijri on their latest collection.Our GRS-certified post-consumer recycled polyester and pre-consumer RN6 fabric technologies are both incorporated into our Cordura Re/cor range.

Erpen added: “As the world evolves, we know a lot of this will come down to stewardship and sustainability – we have put this work at the forefront of our efforts. Consumers are looking for clothes they can use for both work and play. Innovation is at the heart of what Cordura really is, and we make it a priority to continually bring new ideas and products to our brand and retail partners.


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