Nantucket Postcard: Scenes from Sparkling Summer by Katherine Jetter

Nantucket Postcard: Scenes from Sparkling Summer by Katherine Jetter

When you don’t have a yacht, you’ve got a yacht rock playlist to make you feel like you’re living an endless gin and tonic-soaked summer at sea (in your best one-shouldered Halston to show off that tan).

And when you can’t make it to Nantucket, the famously chic island off the coast of Massachusetts, you reach out to designer and retailer Katherine Jetter, owner of Vault Nantucket, to find out what the season is up to in terms of trends.

I’ve checked in to Jetter every summer for at least the past few years for: 1) a little touch of high luxury, so my own surroundings in New England don’t really come close, and 2) a sense of what’s trending at watch out for this fall and holidays.

“Color is everywhere this summer,” says Jetter JCK. “Neon yellow is a big hit and it makes us all so happy! Cadar’s feather earrings always sell well during the summer. Another great beach item are Graziela’s Floating Diamond Necklaces. Other brands that are doing particularly well are Melissa Kaye, Robinson Pelham, Fernando Jorge and a new one for us, Ondyn.

Katherine Jetter unique jewelry
Katherine Jetter’s own opal and electric enamel pieces are getting a “great response,” according to the designer/retailer.

“The trend continues to be a lot of layering, a lot of stacking bracelets, stacking rings, tennis necklaces – it’s an 80s thing that suddenly came back and everyone wants them. And people keep wanting to making more and more holes in the ears,” she says.

Diane Kordas Rainbow Choker
Safe Hot Summer Seller: Rainbow Gemstone Choker by Diane Kordas
Mortiz Glick Bracelet
“Moritz Glik’s collection has been outstanding this season,” says Jetter.
Cadar feather earrings
Cadar feather earrings
Graziela Floating Diamond Necklace
Graziela Floating Diamond Necklace

Despite the start of peak season in Nantucket, in June Jetter was able to visit jewelry shows in Las Vegas, showing her own work with the ViewPoint showroom and scouting for new talent to carry into her store. “I really enjoyed discovering new collections in Vegas, like Anna Maccieri Rossi, and I’m also in love with Vram – the movement and craftsmanship of her pieces are exceptional.”

Vram Ring
Vram cocktail ring

Other new additions to the store include Dru and Walters Faith.

Dru Medallion
“I think Dru has a really deep meaning with her collection, and I love all the different messages, and I love what the designer is about,” says Jetter.
Walters Faith Rings
“Walters Faith are two sisters who when we all started in the business, we used to do trunk shows together at home,” says Jetter. “We rediscovered each other this year, and it was fun to bring my friends back into the mix.”

But perhaps the most exciting “happening” on the island this summer is the launch of Jetter’s new Lady of the Rings line, a collection of seven signet rings in 18k yellow gold, engraved with a unique symbol and lined with baguette diamonds. “Never before has my work been so personal and I am thrilled to present this collection to the world,” says Jetter.

Katherine Jetter the Lady of the Rings
Silvia Furmanovich created a bespoke marquetry box to house the entire Lady of the Rings collection. Priced at $2,500 to $3,800, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Nantucket Historical Society.

To celebrate the launch of Lady of the Rings – and to welcome designer Fernando Jorge, who flew in from London for a trunk display at the Vault – in July, Jetter hosted a special event and trunk display for select friends and clients. . The lunch included historical jewelry artifacts specially brought in by the Nantucket Historical Association’s Chief Curator, Michael Harrison; Jetter and Jorge joined him and Moda Operandi’s Director of Fine Jewelry, Abby Huhtanen, in a panel discussion focusing on the historical significance of gifting jewelry to loved ones and how travel – and global outlook – can stimulate creativity in countless forms.

Event Katherine Jetter Fernando Jorge
The Vault Nantucket Luncheon was held in the gardens of The Greater Light Historic Site and featured a selection of Jorge’s jewelry as well as pieces from Jetter’s own collection.

And there’s more merriment to come. Jetter will maintain a busy schedule of in-store events through August with a trunk show scheduled for this week (Hoorsenbuhs) and next (Silvia Furmanovich).

Silvia Furmonovich earrings
“We are big fans of Silvia Furmanovich. [whose earrings are shown above]says Jetter.

Now all I need is a yacht to sail up the coast. But for now, this dazzling expedition from ACK will have to do.

Top: Designer Fernando Jorge and designer/retailer Katherine Jetter at a special event in Nantucket, Mass., in July.

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