Mermaid-inspired fashion will still be everywhere next summer

Mermaid-inspired fashion will still be everywhere next summer

This summer, Bloomingdale’s ready-to-wear fashion director Arielle Siboni noticed a recurring theme as she bounced from a Resort Market 2023 nomination to a Resort Market 2023 nomination. that she most wanted to own resembled the dress code for a party under the sea. So she started putting her favorite pieces – a maxi dress here, a shell-embellished top there – on her Instagram Stories and posting them. tagging “mermaidcore”.

A Versace spring-summer 2021 look

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“I feel like we’re always on the lookout for a new resort trend, especially since everyone’s going on vacation again and Instagram is a big part of that,” Siboni said. Mermaidcore, she says, is the beach resort trend that “has taken on a life of its own.”

model wears sequin sequin dress in mermaidcore resort 2022 trend guide

The spectrum of mermaidcore ranges from slightly nautical to full Blue green, according to the designer. Siboni’s aesthetic checklist includes all-day beaded jewelry and crocheted separates, as well as more evening-oriented column dresses adorned with sequins. And, because designers can’t resist a literal interpretation, fishtail dresses are also in the game. Translated into internet parlance, “It’s almost the opposite of coastal granny, which is more relaxed and flax-based.”

Siboni says the first glimpse of what would become mermaidcore emerged in Versace’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, where models paraded in dresses printed with seashells and starfish. Fast forward to 2022, and resort collections for the coming year are adorned with scaled sequins or dipped in shades like “sea glass” and “ocean.” Emerging designers are just as likely to get a spin as runway regulars; Siedrés, Bahia Maria and Baobab are some of Siboni’s favourites.

“There are a million different ways to interpret this trend,” says Siboni, “that’s what makes it so versatile.” (Make that 11 million, for the number of TikTok videos with a mermaidcore hashtag.) Before the final performances arrive for Resort 2023, a mermaidcore sampler is already on the market. Check out five mainstays of the mermaid aesthetic below, to wear for late summer or save until next summer.

In the blue

The days dominated by bright pink that brings tears to the eyes are numbered. “Sunset colors have been very popular, but people are tired of that – now they’re migrating to blue again,” says Siboni. She anticipates a flurry of aquas, ceruleans, and cobalts for the upcoming resort season; designers such as Self-Portrait and Galvan are already experimenting with this slice of the color wheel.

sea ​​of ​​glitter

The most recognizable “mermaid” look is also the most appropriate for parties. Evoking mermaids in fishtail dresses and sequins is nothing new on the catwalk – just take a look at Altuzarra’s Fall 2022 collection, where Gigi Hadid glided down the runway in a golden column dress covered in scaly sequins. But the all-over glitz is set to continue throughout this fall and into next year with up-and-coming brands like Siedrés and New Arrivals at the helm, Siboni tells us. (Almost the entire Resort 2023 collection of newcomers is adorned with some form of disco-meets-deep-sea embellishment.) And if you can’t swing for the boldest sequin minis, a smaller sequin covering can also get that shimmering effect.

things on the ground

Shells, sea glass, pearls: they are still present in accessories like bags and jewelry, but pieces made from or inspired by stranded materials are also migrating to ready-to-wear. One of Siboni’s favorite renditions comes from emerging label Bahia Maria. “They have a very literal shell top — and I think it’s fun to take that literally sometimes when you go on vacation,” she says.

High quality halters

Not everyone wants to go full Ariel in a shell top. Siboni recommends backless tops and dresses for a more subtle nod to all things mermaid. They are inherently seasonal and lean into the broader aesthetic of green, blue and iridescent fabrics.

Crochet all day

Crochet’s resurgence isn’t going anywhere in 2023. Instead, Siboni tells us, designers are building on the momentum of the handwork movement with matching crochet ensembles and accessories to see us through the holidays. next year. In future collections, the mood is more nautical than bohemian with fishnet bows and colors inspired by the sea; you can already dip a toe into the look with the pieces above.

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