Memes to Moolah: Balenciaga’s best viral marketing hits | The single supplier

IIn a world seemingly dominated by social media, it can be very easy to push someone’s buttons the wrong way, and few seem to do it better than Spanish fashion house Balenciaga. While existing as one of the most popular and well-worn brands in haute couture, Balenciaga has managed to implement its viral marketing strategy by often commanding a ridiculous amount of money for some rather bizarre items.

As the old saying goes “all publicity is good publicity”, and Balenciaga certainly embraces this mindset by letting meme creators do half the work for them. After most of its obscure releases, social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are apparently exploding with memes comparing its products to funny counterparts, and as a result, the brand’s following is growing.

From her virtual clothes in the Fortnite video game to IKEA scams, whether you love or hate the brand, you can’t deny the exposure these items and campaigns bring. At The Sole Supplier, we’re big fans of everything. weird and wonderful, so we decided to chronicle some of Balenciaga’s best viral marketing successes of the past few years.

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