LILYSILK Celebrates 12th Anniversary of Living Dramatically with the Launch of its First Eco Loop in the US

LILYSILK Celebrates 12th Anniversary of Living Dramatically with the Launch of its First Eco Loop in the US

LOS ANGELES, August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LILYSILK, the world’s largest silk brand, is proud to announce its 12-year milestone of dramatic growth with a simple and consistent mission: to bring the highest quality silk products to the world. Today, the brand is proud to provide premium silk products to over 1.5 million customers worldwide, driven by the philosophy of helping customers “Live Spectacularly” through a better and more sustainable lifestyle.

At this particular time, LILYSILK is also thrilled to announce the completion of its first closed ecological loop in the United States dedicated to environmental protection. Within the Eco-loop, the products will only be manufactured after the order has been placed. The company also uses 100% biodegradable packaging, zero-waste silk production and recycles non-donable fabrics into usable items, which brings benefits to society. Customers can look and feel confident in their LILYSILK outfits, knowing that their silk garments are gentle on their skin and the earth.

“Our versatile and quality silk pieces should not only be easy to wear, but also eco-friendly. We proudly support sustainable fashion and encourage customers to protect our planet by investing in better pieces that can be styled in a variety of looks and worn frequently for years,” says David Wang, CEO of LILYSILK. “We believe it is crucial to do our part to fight climate change and protect our planet.”

To generate greater influence, LILYSILK seeks to expand the Eco-loop to countries outside of the United States, united by its shared vision of creating a positive impact on the planet through conscious and sustainable fashion.

12 years of spectacular life with customer support

With just five employees and a 16,000 square foot facility twelve years ago, LILYSILK has grown into a global brand with over 450 team members and approximately 100,000 square feet of operating space across three facilities.

“I am extremely grateful to our team members and partners for making LILYSILK possible, and to our customers and community for allowing LILYSILK to be a part of their lives,” says Wang.

To reward customers for their support, LILYSILK launched its anniversary promotion throughout August, which includes Buy and Get, 10% off second item and flash sale. For more information, visit and follow @lilysilk on Instagram and @Lilysilk on Facebook.



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