Lego G-Shock Mudmaster

Lego G-Shock Mudmaster

LEgo builder Pedro Jimenez has made a one-of-a-kind, custom Lego creation of G-Shock’s iconic Mudmaster wristwatch.

The Lego G-Shock Mudmaster The concept was submitted to the Lego Ideas forum where members vote and if the number reaches 10,000, the idea will be officially considered for production by Lego.

According to this article by YankoDesign designer Jimenez didn’t say how many Lego bricks were needed to make this build, but he went so far as to create an actual watch display and even an extra strap.

Jiminez had this to say about his creation:

“I am fascinated by the G-Shock series of watches, especially those from Mudmaster as they are the perfect combination of toughness, elegance, volume and precision that look very much like any LEGO creation. Retailer the original design of the watch is a sizable block structure and multiple layers of materials that make it very easy to think of LEGO.

This design is semi-functional: the hands can rotate by turning the bolt on the side just to create the feeling that the time can be adjusted, 2 sets of bands which have the ability to bend and come with a separate stand for the display.

Any jewelry has an inexplicable power of attraction for people who look at it, I hope others can feel it, the same way I perceive it and this attraction can make it a great product that everyone would like have.

Considering the amount of artwork, t-shirts, hats, hoodies and other items created in homage to famous wristwatch designs – not to mention the multi-generational cult behind wristwatches iconic – this idea could make sense for licensed Lego watch products, for G-Shock, as well as many other brands.

You can find out more and vote for this creation here.

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