KAWS Teases Another “Fortnite” Collab

If there’s one thing Epic Games has done with “Fortnite” that no other game can match, it’s the ever-growing list of collaborations it maintains. Whether using beloved franchises such as star wars or tap into the world of luxury fashion with Balenciaga, you never know what the studio will do next. Now, KAWS has taken to Instagram to share that another battle royale game collaboration is on the way. This entry follows his “NEW FICTION” virtual exhibit and Halloween skin pack.

In the KAWS teaser, the text “DEAR FORTNITE, SEE YOU SOON! KAWS..22” is on a note sitting next to a banana. It’s possible that KAWS is simply sharing his love for bananas, however, it’s more likely to refer to FortnitePeely’s signature outfit. Over the years, the Peely look has been revamped by Epic Games in various ways, but chances are KAWS will be the ones to rework it this time around.

While release details remain limited, expect a closer look at what KAWS brings to the Fortnite universe in the weeks to come.

In other gaming news, Sony is now offering several new PlayStation 5 console covers.

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