Inside Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Chase Daniel's Peaceful California Home

Inside Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Chase Daniel’s Peaceful California Home

The heavy, dated molding had to go. Kari Arendsen, director of Intimate Living Interiors, was reimagining a 12,000 square foot Tuscan-style residence in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., for some high-profile clients: Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Chase Daniel and his wife, Hillary, who share three children. “They were nervous that we were taking everything off,” the designer recalls. “But removing a lot of that texture actually improved and elevated the end result.”

Arendsen – who worked closely with his business partner, Tory Peterson, and architect Mark Radford to revamp the five-bedroom, six-bathroom (and two half-bath) home – wanted his interiors to be “fresh and alive”. Adequate lighting was key to this vision: Arendsen strategically placed sconces, pendant lights and LEDs to create different moods in each room. She and her team have also reconfigured many spaces to better meet the needs of the family. For example, they transformed the existing bar into a cozy corner perfect for reading and meditation. “We wanted to instill a sense of stillness,” says Arendsen. “To create spaces where they could calm down, get comfortable and come together.”

“We wanted to instill a sense of calm.”

In the kitchen, no expense has been spared, from the bespoke Lacanche range to the back-lit steel cabinetry. There’s a hidden coffee bar (with its own tap) and fridge drawers deliberately placed within reach of children are stocked with every snack imaginable. The layout of the 900-square-foot space — which includes a butler’s kitchenette, breakfast nook, and walk-in pantry — has also been revamped, with a passageway connecting the interior area to the station. backyard barbecue (for obvious reasons).

Kari Arendsen

A calm color palette is punctuated with moments of soft green. “Infusing a sense of nature everywhere was important to the clients,” Arendsen reveals, showing off viridian pendant lights above the kitchen island (hand painted in a custom color) and dramatic forest green walls in the home office. “Everyone thinks of blue when they think of calm,” Hillary says, “but using green has the same calming effect while being more interesting.”

Dining room

Shown above.

“We really considered symmetry and alignment,” designer Kari Arendsen says of this home she remodeled in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Chandelier: Palecek. To paint: Futon, Sherwin-Williams. Table, chairs, and wall lights: ILI Be at home. Cover: pampas.


kitchen interior, bar stools, glass shelves

Karyn Millet

Lined with extra-durable quartzite, the island was designed to stand the test of time and all of life’s messes. Interval: Lacanche. Hood: bespoke, Munsch Homes. Lights and saddles: personalized, ILI Be Home. Appliances: Honey. Island: Quality woodwork.

interior, island kitchen detail, open shelving

Karyn Millet


Karyn Millet

Floating wood shelves help blend the tile wall and slab backsplash. Sink: Marble Expressions. Shelving: Quality woodwork. Floor: Sterling carpets and flooring. Sconces: Lighting Circa.

Custom cabinetmaking by Quality Woodworks shows nice serving pieces but keeps the dust off the piles. Wraparound counter: Atlantic lava stone, Tutto Marmo. Glassware: ILI Be at home. Backsplash: KC Design Stone & Tile. Island counter: Calacatta, Tuto Marmo.


fireplace, paneling, desk

Karyn Millet

For his office, Chase wanted to create a space that was both “masculine and moody.” To paint: Dark green rookwood, Sherwin-Williams. Drapes: Zak+Fox. Desk: Customs, ILI Be at home. Art: Kristin Miles.

master bedroom

bedroom interior, ceiling to floor windows

Karyn Millet

The designer has incorporated many rich and sumptuous textures into the peaceful retreat. To paint: Futon, Sherwin-Williams. Wallpaper: Zak+Fox. Bedframe: Studio Oly. Bedding: ILI Be at home. sconces: Regina Andrew. Drapes: Kerry Joyce. ceiling light: Curry & Company.

Girl’s room

bedroom with sofa, storage

Karyn Millet

This cozy nook was made for the Daniels’ young daughter. Pillows: ILI Be at home. Light: George. Cover: Loloi. Wallpaper: Christopher Farr.

Main bathroom

bathroom with free-standing bathtub

Karyn Millet

Bathtub: European kitchen and bathroom. Floor: KC Design Stone & Tile.

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