I’m an interior designer – tacky fall decor that makes your home look cheap

As the end of September approaches, fall fans can’t wait to start decorating their homes for the cozy season ahead.

While it’s easy to get carried away, one interior design professional warns that there are several tacky decorating techniques and pieces that will make your home look cheap.


Interior design expert Garrett reveals tacky fall decor that makes your home look cheap and what you should do insteadCredit: YouTube/GarrettLeChic
Autumn signs are not about spending money on


Autumn signs are not about spending money onCredit: Getty

From spooky surprises to pumpkin-scented candles and festive water bottles, fall sparks unique design.

But if you’re not careful, you could end up filling your home with bland decor.

In his recent videoYouTube interior design and style expert Garrett described the tacky items that will make your home look cheap and what you should replace them with.

His first item to go is the explosion.

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Whether they’re Halloween-related or part of a Thanksgiving ensemble, Garrett thinks those big balloons take up way too much space.

“When I go up to your house and you have one, I see this thing. I don’t see the house. I see this thing in the front yard and I don’t like it,” he said. Explain.

“I wouldn’t spend money on them.”

Instead, you should opt for smaller items such as pumpkins, mums, or small bales of hay.

Another sticky decor element is glitter.

Garrett says he especially dislikes glitter because it’s not environmentally friendly.

“It’s literally one of the worst things you can do because it’s already a microplastic. And we all know that glitter gets everywhere,” he proclaims.

Since glitter is unnatural, you should find rustic, minimalist alternatives.

You can find faux leaves that will look so much better.

Garret says you should never paint your house in preparation for a season.

Don't redecorate your whole house every season


Don’t redecorate your whole house every seasonCredit: Getty

“I see that happening right now, over-investing in very expensive features,” he explains.

It could be painting your house or adding fall colored furniture.

If you constantly redecorate for each season, you will end up spending a lot of money every couple of months.

You can use colored LED lights, as well as transitional or multipurpose pieces that will work to set the aesthetic you want for more than a few months.

“The next thing we need to talk about for fall that needs to be addressed is fall color schemes,” he continues.

Warm tones are perfect, but you don’t have to limit yourself to the three main colors of the season.

Garrett suggests sticking to colors you know you like.

Find small ways to incorporate warm tones into the atmosphere


Find small ways to incorporate warm tones into the atmosphereCredit: Getty

“You can comfortably bring in more colors that you like,” he admits.

One way Garrett uses the color he has in different ways is with his silverware.

During the summer, he keeps it polished.

During the fall and winter, he will let it skate a little to add warmer tones to his house.

In his opinion, the “equinessence of tackiness” are the festive signs of autumn.

“I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to be in a space around it, we have to rise, and that doesn’t mean we need a sign that says ‘gather’ or a sign that says ‘fall ‘,'” Garrett says.

Halloween signs are fine.

Be sure to always give your fall flower arrangements a realistic and natural look.


Be sure to always give your fall flower arrangements a realistic and natural look.Credit: Getty

Styleless floral arrangements are coming.

According to Garrett, “you have to comb those branches, it can’t be a stick with leaves.”

Don’t just get fake branches from the craft store and put them in a vase without making them look natural.

You can fold them or add real dry flowers.

“Couldn’t agree MORE about the bombastic front yard ‘decorations’! I was ashamed I didn’t get them when my son was little,” one viewer commented.

Another Garrett fan wrote, “Love your practicality and common sense. The beauty of fall is so stunning that no fake decorations can make it better.”

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