I'm a fashion expert - if you want to look chic, don't make 3 style mistakes

I’m a fashion expert – if you want to look chic, don’t make 3 style mistakes

ALTHOUGH designer looks are desirable, you don’t have to pay the price to look the part.

Style expert Lydia Tomlinson shows how you can adjust your outfits for free to give them a more chic and elegant touch.


Style expert Lydia Tomlinson shares three style mistakes that keep you from looking chicCredit: YouTube/Lydia Tomlinson
Match color to black will "kill the color," so try brown instead


Pairing the color with black will “kill the color”, so try brown insteadCredit: YouTube/Lydia Tomlinson

Simple modifications you can make yourself will enhance any look.

You might not realize it, but the key to looking expensive is figuring out what’s most flattering to your body.

Lydia shared a short video on three common styling mistakes and how you can fix them if you want to look chic and put together.

Mistake #1: “Associate color only with black.”

“Not only is it predictable, but black can also kill the color you’re wearing,” Lydia says.

In the video, she wears a wine-colored turtleneck sweater, black pants and matching boots.

But then she shifts the bottom half to different shades of dark brown.

“When wearing color, try going for a tonal look instead, or instead replacing black with navy blue, gray or brown,” she explains.

Mistake #2: “Not balancing the proportions.”

Lydia begins by wearing a tight black long sleeve tucked into tight black pants.

This outfit sticks to her body, which she says looks “both old-fashioned and unflattering.”

To improve the hold, Lydia uses “The Sandwich Rule”.

Lydia describes this concept: “The same piece top and bottom with a contrasting piece in the middle.”

She trades tight pants for baggy pants and uses a “delicate” shoe.

Pair a delicate top and shoe choice with contrasting bottoms


Pair a delicate top and shoe choice with contrasting bottomsCredit: YouTube/Lydia Tomlinson
Invest in beautiful everyday pieces


Invest in beautiful everyday piecesCredit: YouTube/Lydia Tomlinson

Mistake #3: “Neglecting your everyday style.”

Spending money only on clothes you’re going to wear to a restaurant, bar, or club is not what you should be doing.

“Invest in the best smart everyday basics, because let’s face it, that’s when most people see us anyway. Living a stylish life is about making an effort for every occasion, and in return, it will make you feel much better and confident on the inside too,” Lydia says.

Good basics to invest in are cute hoodies, sweaters, pants, sneakers and timeless coats.

A viewer was able to relate to the third error.

She wrote: “The third tip struck me. I always buy stuff to go clubbing even though I haven’t been to a club in years and have nothing to wear to work.”

A retired model chimed in and added, “I used to be a model and the advice we got was very similar to this, but one more thing was that you should match your outfit to your activity.”

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