I Tried Thrifting 2022 Fashion Trends - Here's How It Went

I Tried Thrifting 2022 Fashion Trends – Here’s How It Went

If you’re looking to buy the latest trends, I always recommend trying savings first. Most clothing trends are straight from the past, which means someone else’s scraps (or previous clothing donations) can now become your treasure! I decided to challenge myself with the goal of finding the 2022 fashion trends I loved on a trip to Value Village.

Before hitting the racks, I made a list of exactly what to watch out for. I think it’s always a good idea to have a savings wishlist, so you don’t accidentally miss something just because it wasn’t in the forefront of your mind. Making a list makes the process more intentional and less pervasive because we all know saving can be overwhelming. That being said, even though I had a general list, I always go there with an open mind to find out more. You never know what you may encounter!

Some of the general trends and specific pieces I was looking for at Value Village were: mini skirts, lingerie-style clothes, vests, ballet staples, coastal granny clothes (linen, buttonholes, etc.) .), cargo bottoms, beaded bags, clogs and silk scarves… you get the idea. Of course, I didn’t find everything on my wishlist, but I’m pretty happy with what I finally found!

Shoulder bags

I always check the handbag section first. This time I had my eye on beaded handbags, shoulder bags and canvas tote bags. I had no luck finding anything pearly, but the other two bags I found totally made up for it. Shoulder bags are definitely on the rise right now! Even when they’re not specifically “trendy,” you can never go wrong with a classic shoulder bag. I came across the one pictured above while searching the handbag section of Value Village because I thought the shape was really cool. I turned it over on the front and saw the word “Gucci” engraved on it! I have no doubt it was a fake, but still, a pretty cool find nonetheless.

Tote bags

The simplest bag trend is taking the world by storm. The classic tote bag. People are ditching structured work bags for casual canvas tote bags! They are so effortlessly cool. I had been looking for one at the thrift store for a while and coincidentally this time I found one! It’s branded Sperry, giving it that nautical vibe that everyone seems to be loving right now too.


I’ve seen custom made vests everywhere lately! It’s the perfect piece to take you from summer to fall, as it can be worn buttoned up as a top or layered over a shirt. It’s a garment that you can almost always find at the thrift store! Both in the men’s and women’s sections, depending on the general vibe you’re looking for. The one I found was for women, and I liked how it had a satin back, which makes it a little more relaxed and less stiff than a typical men’s tailored vest.

Lingerie Tops

Another thing I’ve seen literally everywhere are lingerie style tops and corsets worn as party tops! Don’t skip the lingerie section at VV, there are tons of great finds! I found a pink tank top with the most beautiful feminine details, which I ended up buying for myself. I think it would be super cute paired with a simple pair of jeans! I also found more of a lingerie style top, also in pink (another #BarbieCore trend in itself), that would make such a cute top for going out on the town!

Mini skirts

The thrift store offers many mini-skirts for everyone and in a wide variety of styles! I checked two trends off my list with this cargo style mini skirt I found! It’s actually a skort which makes it even cooler IMHO. This piece of clothing fulfills all my late 90s and early 2000s style dreams on its own.

coastal grandma

I can’t get enough of the “Coastal Grandmother” trend, made popular on TikTok by designer Lex Nicoleta, and the thrift store is the perfect place to buy it! When I was looking for clothing in the coastal granny theme, I imagined all the clothes I could see of grandma chic at the beach or gardening, I enhanced it by imagining said grandma in the Hamptons. Linen, lightweight pants, neutral colors, loose buttonholes… you get the vibe. The pieces I found reminiscent of this trend were a pair of loose white linen pants with a tie belt and a button down shirt with short sleeves (which I may have liked too).

Baby t shirts

Baby t-shirts are something that have been popular for quite some time now and are still going strong today! They really aren’t hard at all to find in any thrift store! I found this cute pastel striped tee with a lace hem in the women’s tee section. It’s such an easy piece to style in so many ways. Bonus tip: Depending on your clothing size, you might even be able to get away with finding your perfect t-shirt in the kids section!


The last thing I looked at was the shoes, and there were tons of cute and trendy shoe options! If you’re a bit worried about buying shoes at a discount, I recommend trying a shoe sanitizer spray, and then you’re pretty much set. One of the shoe trends I was looking for was clogs, as I saw them getting more and more stylish. Although I didn’t find actual clogs, I found a style inspired by them. I also found an adorable pair of black pumps with a toe ring detail, super trendy at the moment!

The main thing is, I would say this savings trip exceeded my expectations! Although I didn’t check everything off my list, I was impressed by how many current trends I could find within the walls of my local Value Village. If you’re looking to test out some current fashion trends, I hope you’ll feel inspired to try saving some for a sustainable, not to mention affordable, alternative!

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