I never stop stalking Bella Hadid's cuts, so I copied her outfits for a week

I never stop stalking Bella Hadid’s cuts, so I copied her outfits for a week

If you haven’t noticed, Bella Hadid’s style has been transformed in recent years. Her once extremely curated wardrobe led her to only step out in polished head-to-toe looks, but things have changed. Hadid’s style can now only be described as an artfully curated melting pot of pieces that exhibit all sorts of characteristics. She came to define New York fashion style with her grungy meets preppy outfit in all the right ways. This welcome change can be attributed to her saying goodbye to her team of stylists who dressed her anytime she came out and took matters into her own hands. With years of experience working with the most talented designers, stylists and editors in the industry, she definitely excels at dressing for the street style moments we’ve always loved her for.

Not my first experience copying a celebrity style, but it turned out to be quite a challenge. Hadid sources many vintage and archival designer pieces and combines many unexpected elements to create her signature looks. Your average Bella Hadid look can’t be bought at your favorite retailer and takes a lot of creativity to recreate. That hasn’t stopped me from putting my own spin on the looks we know and love her for.


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