How to dress like your favorite American doll

How to dress like your favorite American doll

ICYMI: The revival of American Girl is upon us, following a slew of viral memes over the past two months. Along with living in an era of hyper-nostalgia, many are returning to the joys of their childhood roots and that includes the lucky few around the world who have finally dug up their old American Girl dolls.

Whether it’s celebrating their birthdays at her signature cafe or indulging in the store’s how-to guides, the American Girl aesthetic has returned not just as a funny, quirky commentary on the state of our world, but recently , she slowly established herself as the latest source of style. inspiration. Additionally, the #AmericanGirl hashtag on TikTok currently has over 1.1 billion views, with users visiting their beloved doll’s playhouse, doing hair tutorials and recreating their doll’s outfits.

If you’re not yet convinced that the American Girl takeover has become a hot trend, some of our must-see style stars and biggest internet influencers have recently been spotted sporting their dolls, including none other than Global. popstar Olivia Rodrigo. While in New York during his just-completed stay Acid tour, the 19-year-old posted on Instagram in April about her last visit to the American Girl restaurant in Rockefeller Plaza, having dinner with her best friend and sitting next to a doll. She was also seen with her own handmade doll, coordinated in matching mini skirts.

The American Girl has definitely become one of this year’s funniest trends and if you’re looking to channel your own inner American Girl doll, check out seven of our favorite outfit ideas with aesthetics like cottagecore, ’90s mod 60 and more.

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American Girl Doll Outfit Idea #1: Molly’s Camp Gowonagin Uniform

The 1944 Molly McIntire doll has arguably some of the best outfits we’ve seen on a mini human being. Aside from her pleated skirts and cable knit sweaters, Molly can also dress casual at times, especially when on duty in her Camp Gowonagin uniform. While not all of us are lucky enough to lead a group of kids through the wilderness, we’re so here for the impractical camp counselor look, and it’s even better to glam it up a bit with some influences. Y2K.

American Girl Doll Outfit Idea #2: Melody’s 60s Inspired Mod Mini Dress

Who knew an Easter Sunday church outfit could be so stylish? American Girl’s 1964 Melody Ellison doll knows exactly how to turn any look into a fashion statement. This spring-inspired cut is a go-to outfit idea when opting for a vibrant pleated green dress. You can pair your toddler mini with funky Mary Jane shoes and frilly white socks.

American Girl Doll Outfit Idea #3: Truly Me’s Emo-Punk Outfit

American Girl has been a pioneer in allowing young girls to discover their personal style, especially through their collection of Truly Me dolls. just like me as a teenager). Whether you’re rediscovering your emo phase or looking to step into the Gen Z pop-punk revival, you can embody that in a chunky sweater dress. Dress up your outfit with a colorful beanie, holographic fanny pack and, of course, Dr. Martens boots.

American Girl Doll Outfit Idea #4: Julie’s Groovy 70s Denim Look

As seen on the American Girl website, Julie Albright is your favorite hippie next door, and best of all, she knows exactly when Mercury is in retrograde. Hailing from the hills of San Francisco, the 1974 doll has a groovy sense of style that, luckily for us, can be easily replicated. If you can’t find an embroidered vest and a set of flared jeans like Julie’s Pinball outfit, you can instead match a denim jumpsuit, styled with a pair of eclectic platform sandals and a Cabbie floppy hat.

American Girl Doll Outfit Idea #5: Nanea’s Beach-Ready Look

1941’s Nanea Mitchell breathes the OG Coconut Girl vibes before it’s even been a thing on TikTok. When she’s not getting ready for a luau or hula dancing, the Oahu native is often seen hitting the waves at a nearby beach. While wearing a swimsuit everywhere isn’t the most practical, we instead chose a similar outfit that still epitomizes the island aesthetic, like a matching bralette and shorts set, floral button-up, and platform sandals.

American Girl Doll Outfit Idea #6: Kira’s Gorpcore Style

American Girl’s Kira Bailey is one of the brand’s few international darlings, reigning supreme from the South Island of Australia. The blonde beauty spends her summers at a wildlife sanctuary with her family and tends to injured animals, which means she’s also prepared in her outdoor gear. Embrace Kira’s gorpcore-inspired outfit by wearing khaki shorts paired with a protective padded jacket and tie-dye hoodie for chilly nights. You can also opt for chunky hiking boots and comfortable high socks.

American Girl Doll Outfit Idea #7: Frilly Cottagecore Galore

The cottagecore aesthetic is always at the top of our trending radar and it seems like we can’t get enough of ruffled dresses, floral silhouettes and super pink styles. American Girl’s collaboration with LoveShackFancy can also be worn IRL, like her floral studded mini dress. You can also add a bit of glamor to the outfit with any crochet handbag of your choice, although we love Lirika Matoshi’s plush shoulder bag, then finish the look with a pair of canvas sneakers. pink.

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