How Netflix's The Sandman Finally Created A Live-Action Version Of Dreaming

How Netflix’s The Sandman Finally Created A Live-Action Version Of Dreaming

Although the series begins with Dream imprisoned, captured by a deadly occultist, and stripped of the totems from his office (a pocket of sand, a powerful ruby ​​known as the Dreamstone, and the ominous Helmet of Dreams), subsequent episodes see the newly freed Dream attempts to get revenge on his captor, rebuild his kingdom, reconnect with his family (who have mixed feelings about his return), and find his missing symbols of power.

“It’s not a procedure where we do similar things next week. There are [always] something that is going to be different in the next episode,” says Markiewicz. “And Dream may not be on screen for every frame on the show. [But he] will always be at the heart of things.

Adapt the unsuitable

Part of the reason why previous attempts at adaptation The sand man waded is the breadth of history and tradition involved. Although the original story is told in graphic novel form, its roots lie in classic literature, mythology, and folklore from a wide variety of cultures. Its scope is almost terrifying – it touches on life, death, heaven, hell and everything (literally) in between. Trying to adapt its convoluted plot to the screen is a truly Herculean task, one that required hundreds of people and nearly a dozen side companies.

“It was really intimidating,” admits Markiewicz. “One of the things that’s always so difficult – and that’s also what’s exciting about it – is, okay, we inherited this property, this amazing piece of art, the literature and fantasy. How do we do it justice? How do we do this thing faithfully while transferring it to the screen?

This question has haunted all potential adaptations for more than 30 years (adaptation efforts The sand man for the screen have been happening in spurts since about 1991).

“It’s basically like a train, and you try to make sure that every car on the train is part of the whole train,” laughs Steele. “You can kind of see where you’re going and you know what’s coming – you’ve already designed some of the big rooms like Hell or Desire’s Threshold, which is shaped like the inside of a heart , and all these other things – after that, it just evolved.

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