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How do you run a compelling fashion marketing campaign?

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While most of us have been stuck indoors in our most comfortable home clothes for the past year, the world is starting to reopen again and people are looking to be seen. Now is the perfect time to launch your fashion marketing campaign.

A successful fashion marketing campaign can increase your brand awareness, increase conversions, and boost profits. It can seem daunting to create a new campaign from scratch while trying to establish which areas will prove most useful. But with our expert advice, you can point yourself in the right direction. Despite the lockdown, the global fashion industry continues to flourish. However, this means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in such a crowded market. This is why a successful marketing campaign will be so crucial to your brand’s success. These tips and tricks will help you maximize your campaign success and can even be used to boost non-fashion related marketing campaigns as well.

Systematically organize your blog

The vast majority of shoppers in their thirties and under research fashion brands before deciding on a purchase, usually by visiting their website. If you have a fashion e-commerce brand, you want your site to drive conversions, so why not drive conversations too? Adding a blog to your site is a great way to build bridges with audiences while creating space for you to articulate your brand. It also adds a human touch to your business and injects personality into your brand.

Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not a natural writer – no one expects a novel. If you’re really unsure about producing content, you might want to find a content manager to hire or subcontract the work. They can help you maintain dynamic content across your various marketing channels, be it newsletters, videos, or blog posts.

Regular new content is key here as it will drive traffic and help build awareness for your brand. Nothing looks worse to visitors than seeing a dead blog, so keep things fresh. Also start thinking about how to implement SEO (search engine optimization) in your page content to help you reach new audiences directed to your site through Google. Finally, add like and share buttons for social media at the bottom of all your posts to help people spread the word about your brand.

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Provide customers with a personalized experience

Providing customers with a personalized shopping experience is a great way to ensure your fashion marketing campaign maximizes your conversions. Many customers now regularly expect to see personalization on your website, so you need to be able to make a great first impression. Customers who were sitting on the fence about a purchase can be gently reminded to reconsider with just a little extra attention from you. These can include retargeting ads, targeted email campaigns, and reminders via pop-ups or social media encouraging customers to review products in their cart that they haven’t purchased yet.

Take advantage of influencers

Influence and social proof have always wielded power over fashion trends, and now it seems impossible to launch a modern fashion marketing campaign without relying on influencers to boost our brands. However, you don’t need a global superstar on board to help leverage influencers. Micro-influencers can also add value and build brand awareness.

People are always concerned about other people’s opinions, especially in fashion. A quick stroll through social media should bring up dozens of users who are influencing their followers, so reach out to those whose online presence aligns with your brand’s values ​​and target audiences. With the right connections, you won’t have to break your marketing budget to find partners who can spread your brand.

Create clickable social media ads

Advertising is at the heart of any marketing campaign to help drive conversions and build brand awareness. In the world of fashion marketing, you need to know the right format for your campaign. Social media and fashion are linked at the hip, so collectible ads and carousel ads can deliver great ROI. They should be dynamic and attractive while displaying your brand and generating clicks.

  • Collection announcements: The collection announcements are pretty self-explanatory. They allow customers to browse multiple items in your inventory. Collection ads use a cover image that, when clicked, instantly opens an experience.
  • Carousel Ads: These appear on Facebook with up to ten videos or images in a single ad. Each media element is then linked to the featured product. Carousel ads are great for fashion marketing because they allow you to tell a brand story while promoting a range of different products.

Launch a contest on social networks

Entering a competition used to mean calling a premium rate number or submitting an application, in other words, hassle. However, with social media, people can participate in a giveaway with just a few clicks. So if you want to attract audiences, competition is the easiest way to bring audiences to your pages. Competitions are a great way to empower your calls to action, because users are much more likely to share and like a post if you offer them a chance to gain value. You can also collaborate with a relevant influencer to promote your contest or allow users to enter by signing up to your newsletter. The beauty of competitions is that they let you get creative with the format (and the fact that everyone loves free stuff!).

Final Thoughts

It’s important to take your fashion marketing campaign seriously if you want the investment to pay off, but don’t forget to have fun too. A fashion marketing campaign allows you to set the tone for your collections and will help you promote brand values ​​that customers will want to align with. There are more ways than ever to promote your business, and social media is an incredible reservoir of influence that can take your campaign (and your conversions) to the next level.

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