How Amanda Forastieri is helping revive Puerto Rico's garment industry

How Amanda Forastieri is helping revive Puerto Rico’s garment industry

Forastieri has also leaned into sustainable practices, using natural dyes to create the larger-than-life prints the brand is known for. “I learned a lot about wasting dye with Pantone colors,” she says of the collection, which includes synthetic dyes. “So I tried to find a way to reduce this waste without sacrificing color vibrancy.” She teamed up with other creatives for this pursuit: for example, for the magenta color of the “El Amanecer” (the dawn) top and pants, Forastieri called on the artist Cara Marie Piazza, based in Brooklyn, who has previously worked with designers like Jason Wu, Eckhaus Latta and Mara Hoffman, to create the flower shade. Forastieri says she’s looking for other ways to harness Puerto Rican creatives who use organic elements, like seaweed, to create original shades for future collections. “These are alternatives that are much more in balance with our natural habitat,” she says.

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