Harry Styles and Frank Ocean are leading the "Kidult" jewelry trend.  Here's how to get started

Harry Styles and Frank Ocean are leading the “Kidult” jewelry trend. Here’s how to get started

Cindy Ord

You hear that, right? The sound of children’s jewelry, of the kind worn by Harry Styles, Frank Ocean and Bad Bunny, is making its way into the mainstream. Over the past year, the trend—necklaces, bracelets, and earrings adorned with the colorful, kitsch insignia of our youth—has steadily made its way among A-listers, B-listers, Tiktokkers, Instafluencers and /r/malefashionadvicers, and will soon be reaching the wrists, necks, ears and fingers of Joe Public. As unlikely as it may seem, we anticipate the day when Smiley Face Bracelets, Candy Charm Necklaces, and Flower Power Studs will be as ubiquitous in Ends as they are on End. Trust us on this one.

In recent times, the jewelry industry has been busy playing with tropes of childhood to: a) evoke happy childhood memories, b) remind us not to take life too seriously now that we have – fingers crossed – reached the epilogue of the covid pandemic, and c) challenge outdated gender norms by inviting men to embrace traditionally feminine fashion choices (and vice versa). As a result, pioneering brands like Éliou, Serge DeNimes and Hatton Labs have created some of the most experimental jewelry of this millennium – puffy versions of the beads, charms and gumball rings we all flaunted when we were Rugrats.

Want to beat everyone madly? For your convenience, we’ve selected the best kidult jewelry on the market and listed them below. Admittedly, some of the parts are a little out there (okay, very out there), but we think it’s our job to inspire you to push the boundaries of your style. You can thank us later, kid.

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Ian Charms Nico Pearl and Bead Necklace


Nialaya Jewelry Pearl Smiley Bracelet


Serge DeNimes Surf Bead Necklace


Fry feeds the cool set


Polished World Lover’s Necklace


Eéra Candy Charm Necklace


Bad Child Smile Bracelet

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