Gucci and Balenciaga’s Hacker Project is finally here

After Gucci and Balenciaga announced their joint “Hacker Project” in April this year, the two houses have now launched the co-branded collection. Described as “an exploration of ideas of authenticity and appropriation within the fashion industry”, the new capsule from the two Kering teammates sees the silhouettes and classic codes of Gucci and Balenciaga combined to create something new.

New features include a redesign of Gucci’s GG logo – transformed into a double B logo – which appears on puffer jackets, caps and even socks. Elsewhere, bags have been scrawled with graffiti declaring “This is not a Gucci bag”, and the brand’s two logos sit side by side on the crystal-encrusted hourglass.

Another key feature is the return of Balenciaga’s Triple S silhouette. For the Hacker project, the chunky sneaker comes in two colorways, each covered in nods to Gucci and Balenciaga influences.

Continuing the Hacker Project theme, each house sells items more commonly associated with the other. The Gucci online store offers items in Balenciaga’s floral print, as well as Triple S colorways and technical jackets that recall other pieces designed by Demna Gvasalia. The Balenciaga online store focuses on “This Is Not a Gucci Bag” accessories, as well as the reversed version of the GG logo.

The complete Gucci and Balenciaga “Hacker Project” is available now at the Gucci Online Store and Balenciaga Online Store.

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