Five sustainable fashion accounts to follow on Instagram

Five sustainable fashion accounts to follow on Instagram

I live relatively close to a busy long street filled with an eclectic mix of shops. Here you’ll find upscale cafes, casual shawarma restaurants, clean beauty supply stores, antique shops, and clothing boutiques, among many others. Some of my favorite stores are thrift stores, where every time I walk in I find something new.

If you’re not lucky enough to live so close to so many thrift stores, or if you don’t care to rummage through the shelves to find something that matches your aesthetic, luckily the internet has you covered. Today, I’ve rounded up five Instagram accounts that feature upcycled, reworked, and/or vintage pieces. Each account is a chic mosh of wonderfully beautiful pieces, and the inspiration is endless.

plume | @plume_________

I came for the croissants, but stayed for the baguettes. Panache is a vintage, pre-loved, upcycled Brooklyn store that offers beautiful, hand-painted, gluten-free bread accessories. The brand’s “bread and butter” are pieces that make its wearers stand out and grab attention, and their Instagram account showcases customers with the bread-painted bags in action, often wandering around the magical streets of New York. The bags are beautifully painted and their well-organized flow is perfect for finding carb-heavy inspiration.

History Time Travel | @historytimetravel

I’m still not convinced that time travel isn’t possible, but an old item with a great story is the next best thing. Shop owner Sandra runs History Time Travel, a vintage and handmade jewelry company with an Instagram account that captures the stunning detail of beautiful pieces. This story draws inspiration from female artists, historic gems, natural flora and fauna, and beautiful works of art to create a path to the past. Sandra often uses her items as trimmings for an outfit, and their bright colors, ornate details, and intriguing shapes make you realize just how much historical jewelry can hold.

Created and found | @createdandfoundshop

Created & Found displays the joys and delights of vintage clothing, with beautiful floral designs, vintage stitched typography and unique color palettes galore. Even if you’re not a fan of vintage clothing, this Instagram feed showcases a plethora of influences you could draw from in any field, be it graphic design, typography, photography, or, of course, photography. clothing design.

LOTI – Upcycling Design Studio | @loti_studio

The fashion industry is notorious for its large amounts of waste. While we often think fast fashion is the biggest culprit, textile scraps come from all branches of fashion. Los Angeles fashionista Lottie Bertello counters that with Loti, a brand that turns leftover fabrics into new clothes. Her carefree designs and stylish customers might inspire you to shop smarter or grab your nearest sewing machine and start learning a thing or two.

3 women | @3womenco

Long Beach’s 3 Women is a sustainable fashion brand that transforms vintage textiles into authentic and unique handcrafted pieces. Their Instagram feed is a one-stop-shop for fashion inspiration fused with a dash of graphic design innovation. The account highlights each unique piece, accentuated by the extremely charismatic fashion outlook of their consumers. It’s easy to shop more sustainably when the results are so refreshing.

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