Fast-Fashion Behemoth Shein says he's cleaning up his act.  Is anyone going to buy it?

Fast-Fashion Behemoth Shein says he’s cleaning up his act. Is anyone going to buy it?

As many Shein client Jaleesa King doesn’t expect the Chinese fast-fashion giant’s clothes to last longer than it takes to post a good selfie on Instagram. The 26-year-old estimates that she spends up to $500 twice a month on around 20-30 pieces of clothing that she will barely wear. “Maybe just once or twice, that’s all,” she laughs, as she browses Shein’s pop-up store in San Francisco, a special marketing event for the typically online-only retailer. “If I can get a good shot, definitely at least once.”

The accelerated fashion business model has made Shein the face of the industry and one of the top startups in the world. But like As environmental, social and governance issues become increasingly important to investors, the retailer’s promotion of disposable fashion could become the biggest threat to its continued success. A vast network of subcontractors allows Shein to produce thousands of youth-friendly styles daily at unbelievable prices – a few dollars for a dress and even less for a pair of bike shorts.


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