Euphoria star Dominic Fike on letting his style run wild and keeping his personal life in check

Fike has an ever-evolving style and while last year it was all about unstructured suits, baggy patterned sweaters you’d expect to see on Kurt Cobain and puffy jeans, he opts for something different right now. “I just like feeling weird, weird as that is, and I’ve realized that because I’m skinny, little t-shirts and pants look so weird to me,” he laughs. “Everyone in Hollywood is trying to wear these big, baggy clothes right now, and I’m trying to remember that. Right now, I’m wearing the smallest T-shirt I own and it’s amazing. Last time that I saw Fike in the flesh at the Saint Laurent menswear show in Morocco in July, he was indeed wearing a skin-tight t-shirt that was cut so tight that it stuck out past his navel.

On Euphoria, Fike explains that he’s impressed with his character’s on-screen sense of style. “Eliot understands,” he said. “I wish I had my shit together like him, clothing-wise of course. I wish I had dressed like him in high school, I want a lot of crap from the set. I really like his jackets and his set of sweaters,” he comments. “He has his Chucks, and he knows they work for him and it remains true, but while I was in school I was everywhere, trying on Birkenstocks, new sneakers, Line Strong bracelets. This was inconsistent.”

While still working, Fike admits his pleasantly chaotic style will one day have to be taken to the next level. “There comes a time when I’m going to have to like settling down,” he thinks. “My friend was like, ‘Dom, you keep rapping but when you’re 36 it’s gonna be weird if you rap’ and I was like, ‘Damn, that’s kinda true, I should have all the craziness out now’, i.e. what I do with my style.” He tells me that, even though he’s only 26, he knows now is the time to settle down with a steady gaze if he wants to keep getting a job – “when I’m an adult, I have need people to take me seriously.”


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