Esther Passaris reveals the tailor behind her stunning dresses

Esther Passaris reveals the tailor behind her stunning dresses

The accomplished politician wore a blue dress which paired well with Azimio la Umoja’s blue color with a white African print running from top to bottom.

Rounding out the sleek look was a blue beret, though many have taken to social media to learn about the designer behind his dresses.

Passaris has repeatedly wowed many people with her fashion sense, wearing stunning dresses that complement her complexion and body structure.

She easily mixes fashion with the theme of the events she attends, revealing herself elegantly and leaving many curious about the designer of the dresses she wears.

The politician today shared the details of the tailor behind her stunning dress which caught the attention of many Kenyans, explaining that the tailor is the face behind her stunning dresses.

The lawmaker shared that Dominic Owino, known as Japolo, was behind his robes and shared his contacts.

“Hats off to Dominic Owino aka Japolo for yet another stunning dress. One of my favorite designers since 2017. Not one to disappoint. Many of my parliamentary colleagues swear by his name.” Passaris wrote.

The post was accompanied by several outfits made by the talented tailor.

Passaris has received compliments for her sense of fashion and style on numerous occasions.


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