Eco-Stylist: cultivating a community of trusted brands - Causeartist

Eco-Stylist: cultivating a community of trusted brands – Causeartist

If you’ve ever looked at a fashion brand’s sustainability, you know how confusing and time-consuming it can be to know if they tick all the right boxes…especially as big brands scramble to answer to a growing consumer market. concerned about the social and environmental impact of their purchases.

Instead of adopting more sustainable practices, these brands often launder or market their product lines to be more sustainable than they actually are.

In other words, brands often overdo their sustainability efforts to try and get more sales.

It can be difficult to tell if a brand is really invested in more ethical and sustainable practices, or if it is greenwashing. Fortunately, there are people who do the research for us.

This is where Eco-Stylist comes in.

Who is an Eco-Stylist?

Eco-Stylist is your go-to guide to finding stylish, ethically made clothing.

Using their Sustainable Brand Criteria, Eco-Stylist does the hard work of vetting brands for you by thoroughly researching their transparency, working practices and the sustainability of their products and practices.

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In addition to this criterion, their research is guided by three questions: Do we trust the brand?

Do they inspire us? Are they fast fashion? If a brand passes, it is added to Eco-Stylist’s repertoire, ensuring its status as a trusted brand.

From there, brands are separated into three ratings: Certified, Silver, and Gold. While each rating guarantees a brand’s status as sustainable fashion (after all, the vast majority of brands fail Eco -Stylist), these ratings help ensure that even among the best brands in the world, there is still room to grow.

Eco-stylist brand ratings

Since their creation in 2018, Eco-Stylist managed to refine the direction it was headed in while continuing to grow and develop.

Once focused specifically on bringing men into the sustainable fashion agenda, Eco-Stylist’s focus has expanded to include people of all genders, and their brand directory now reflects this.

In line with their goal to make the world of sustainable fashion more accessible to everyone, they recently adopted a new mission: Accelerating the global transition to sustainable clothing by cultivating a community of trusted brands.

This acceleration is all about making the process of buying sustainable clothing as easy as possible. Eco-Stylist is constantly evaluating new brands and adding them to its repertoire, which has grown to include over 90 different brands.

Whether you’re looking for sportswear, a new swimsuit, an outfit to wear to your best friend’s wedding, shoes for work or a trendy pair of glasses, there really is something for everyone… and the repertoire is only growing.

Additionally, Eco-Stylist has worked to make its directory even more navigable, adopting a new layout and design and allowing consumers to view price range information.

New filters also let you search by gender, clothing type, location, inclusive size, values ​​and ownership, and rating (certified, silver, or gold), making it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for.

One-stop shop

Eco-Stylist has added over 1,000 items to their store, which features curated items from their partner brands. This makes it easy to find all the clothes you might need, from swimsuits to puffer jackets.

If you’re looking for a gift (or a new piece of clothing for yourself), this is a good place to start. You can sort items by gender, category, and brand, as well as search by price.

It goes without saying that everything presented in the store falls into the category of ethical and sustainable fashion.

The store is also a good place to search for sales in different brands. Simply filter by “On Sale” on the left side of the store, or visit their Sales page, which Eco-Stylist keeps updated throughout the year.

The next steps for Eco-Stylist? Sustainability advice.

Eco-Stylist wants to be a resource for everything, i.e. consumers and brands. That’s why they’ve started offering sustainability advice to brands who want to improve their practices but need a little help figuring out which direction to take.

Each year, hundreds of brands are submitted to Eco-Stylist for review and (potentially) addition to their repertoire.

While the vast majority of brands fail their criteria, Eco-Stylist sees this as a significant opportunity to help brands improve and eventually achieve Certification.

Sustainability consulting includes researching brands, delivering results and sharing a sustainability roadmap, which includes the exact next steps needed for the brand to achieve certification.

If the brand goes all out and follows the steps listed in the roadmap, it is guaranteed to be certified.

Additionally, if a brand is already certified, Eco-Stylist offers the same service to help them upgrade to Silver or Gold. Interested brands can contact Eco-Stylist for more information.

In a world where fast fashion is the norm, brands that want to make a difference need all the resources possible to grow and change, and consumers need resources to ensure they make choices that fit. to their values.

As they accelerate the global transition to sustainable clothing, Eco-Stylist is here to you.

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