Ethical Fashion Brand Directories

Directories of ethical fashion brands

Panaprium is a unique online directory and search engine dedicated to helping consumers discover sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

The platform was designed to empower shoppers to make more informed and ethical decisions when researching new clothing. Additionally, according to the company, Panaprium was created in an effort to combat the pervasiveness of “green bleaching” in the fashion industry (i.e. brand posture as sustainable without credibility ).

In addition to providing users with a useful search engine to research brands, Panaprium implements a sustainability rating system which it has used to rate clothing labels based on their social, environmental and economic sustainability. . Currently, the directory includes scores for hundreds of clothing, shoe and accessory brands. Not only does the platform empower consumers to educate themselves and support sustainability through their purchases, but it also serves to encourage key industry players to adopt more ethical practices.

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