Dan Levy on his life in fashion and his collaboration with SS Daley

Today, Levy supports fellow British talent, Steven-Stokey Daley, who runs his eponymous label SS Daley. This weekend, Liverpudlian Daley showed off their SS’23 collection, which was a whimsical offering of baggy wool trousers, cable-knit vests and boxy shirts detailed with blue and white flat Wedgwood embroidery. “While he doesn’t need my support as he is already doing so well, we are playing a small part in a moment in a designer’s career that is significant as he rises to greatness,” said said Levy.

SS Daley, which earlier this year was the deserving recipient of the LVMH award and has been worn by Harry Styles and Josh O’Connor, collaborated with Levy on eyewear for the collection. “I started my own company, DL Eyewear, ten years ago, and we relaunched it about two years ago – I really should remember this, but the pandemic has erased all notion of time and ‘space…”, says Levy. “The collaboration came through Harry Lambert. We were introduced and he knew I had an eyewear line and after six months of sampling, choosing acetate colors, determining shapes with Steven.”

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Levy’s own brand is committed to “quintessential” shapes that suit every face, and it “plays on heritage, with tortoiseshell and acetate frames being popular choices.” Levy has also always insisted that the brand be economical and accessible to everyone. Thanks to his collaboration with SS Daley, he was able to have a little fun with his creations. “With Steven, we were able to have fun,” he explains. He wanted to play with iconic shapes through the ages and so we produced three different styles: circular frames, a square shape, and then a large shield-like frame, Princess Diana,” laughs Levy.

“They told me the color palette for the collection and we sent them a whole moodboard of shapes,” Levy continues. “We then sat down and made a short list of things we like.” The sunglasses were used on 17 of the looks in the collection of 28 looks. In one look, floral print shorts and a two-piece chore jacket similar to what you might expect to see in Brideshead revisited is topped with a pair of sturdy curved frames, while in another, face-covering Diana-esque sunglasses are the perfect complement to a relaxed summer fit of floaty shirt and pale green corduroy ankle cuffs. . I hadn’t seen the frames paired with the looks, seeing them today on the catwalk was the very first time,” Levy shares. “My job was to provide frames and let them style them.”

And, while several brands are teaming up purely for runway fun (Axel Arigato lent shoes and bags to Daniel W Fletcher this season, for example), the collab will be purchasable. “What will become available when the collection drops is a compendium of what you’ve seen in the collection,” Levy explains, telling me that all three styles will fall under the DL Eyewear x SS Daley moniker. Will this be the last time the pair team up? Not if Levy had anything to do with it. “I really hope we continue the partnership, I’ve been a long time fan of Steven’s work and it’s really fun to get involved.”


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