Congress protest message in black clothes against the temple of Ayodhya Ram: Shah

Congress protest message in black clothes against the temple of Ayodhya Ram: Shah


NEW DELHI: Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday linked the black-clad Congress leaders’ protest over the issues of rising prices and unemployment to the party’s “appeasement” policy to express his opposition to the Ram temple foundation laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this day in 2020.

Speaking to reporters at the Parliament Complex, Shah said everyone had seen the protests by Congress leaders recently dressed in the ordinary clothes they wore but mostly chose black clothes for the unrest of Friday, as Modi had peacefully resolved a more than 550-year-old dispute involving the Ram Janmbhoomi in Ayodhya and performed his ‘shilanyas’ that day.

Construction of the temple, the heart of the faith of millions, is now in full swing, he noted.

Problems with ED action and rising prices are just excuses, Shah said, adding Congress chose to voice opposition to groundbreaking ceremony and ongoing construction of the temple protesting in black clothes.

Congress retaliated by saying that only a “sick mind” can produce such fallacious arguments and put a malicious spin on the protests.

“The Home Secretary has made a desperate attempt to hijack, distract, polarize and put a malicious spin on today’s @INCIndia Democratic protests against rising prices, unemployment and GST. Only a sick mind can produce such fallacious arguments. Obviously, the protests have gone home!” tweeted party general secretary Jairam Ramesh.

Shah claimed that since the Congress cannot dare to speak openly against the issue, he gave a hidden message of his position against the laying of the foundation stone of the temple as well as its construction.

“I clearly believe that Congress chose August 5 for its strong demonstrations in black clothes to show its opposition on the temple issue,” he said.

The real angst of the Congress is the construction of the Temple of Ram in Ayodhya, and that is why it undertakes protests on this day every year, Shah said.

Along with Congress and protesting the action of the Law Enforcement Branch against its top executives in the National Herald case, he said everyone should respect the legal system and follow and cooperate with the process. judicial.

The Home Secretary said Congress was unwilling to abandon its “policy of appeasement” despite so many defeats in the polls.

He noted that Congress has been protesting over issues such as the Law Enforcement Directorate’s action against its leaders and rising prices since the monsoon session of parliament last month.

What was so special today, he asked, adding that there was no ED action on Friday.

“It was on this day that Modi laid the foundation stone of the Ram Janmbhoomi Temple which is the center of faith for millions of people. The dispute had remained unresolved for more than 550 years, and the Congress which was in power most of the time since independence did nothing to resolve it. Modi worked to find a solution peacefully and laid the foundation stone of the temple. Today is that holy day,” Shah said.

The policy of appeasement has hurt the country a lot since independence and all parties should leave it, he said.

Dressed in black, Congress leaders took to the streets to protest rising prices and unemployment. Several of them, including Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, were detained by police for almost six hours.


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