Burque launches an online marketplace for a variety of all Hijab and modest fashion.  - Digital diary

Burque launches an online marketplace for a variety of all Hijab and modest fashion. – Digital diary

Burque online marketplace, a pioneering fashion and confidence brand for women in the 21st century, offers quality, fashionable, graceful and affordable hijabs and modest fashion.

Burque redefines fashion for women who observe modesty with various hijabs. The brand offers a range of premium hijabs through its online store, where people can browse and choose the hijab that enhances their looks.

“We have dedicated our lives to the hijab worn universally by hundreds of cultures and millions of women around the world. Our lines are inspired by Islamic traditions and culture, but not limited to it.

According to the founder of Burque, finding beauty in modesty sparked the need to create a modest fashion brand. The journey that began 20 years ago has resulted in the creation of a renowned modest fashion design agency that offers solutions for all women in the world who embrace modesty. “After years of trial and error, the active hijab came to fruition, a world’s first one-piece item for headgear that solves all reliability issues and troublesome multi-piece items that would traditionally be the only other option.”

Burque, a modest fashion design agency based in Australia, is driven by the needs of 21st century women to build confidence through modest fashion. Offering hijabs for different seasons and occasions, Burque offers a wide variety of modest clothing and accessories. The brand also understands the measurements that women evaluate when buying a hijab and offers models that meet these needs.

The first thing women look for in a hijab is the quality of the fabric. They assess whether the material is an ideal protection against cold, wind, sunlight and dust. It should also be light and airy enough to provide much-needed comfort. People also check patterns, colors, quality, and breathability carefully. Burque provides for all of this by providing hijabs, visors in a range of fabrics.

Because of this commitment to ensuring women have access to the best quality modest fashion, Burque is loved by thousands of women around the world and has received an outpouring of positive customer reviews.

The brand’s promise to its customers is in its name.

B – custom materials
U – universal in culture
R – ready for every day
Q – fast but quality
U – universally recognized
E – Quality Excellence

Burque is also a sustainable fashion brand that has created a clearly defined environmental sustainability policy that highlights the brand’s commitment to supporting environmental preservation and conservation. “Burque respects our relationship with the natural environment and its ecosystem. We recognize the negative impacts that human activity can impose and take steps to prevent the degradation of these natural systems.

Burque complies with the Modern Slavery Act of 2018. “We are committed to treating all people with due respect and to facilitating workspaces and relationships, and we are safe, ethical and transparent.” Burque’s 2021 Modern Slavery Statement provides guidance that ensures the brand does not pursue relationships that facilitate, encourage or endorse modern slavery practices, either directly or indirectly.

True to its core values ​​and commitment to its customers, Burque aims to combine quality and elegance in modesty, offering hijabs that showcase creativity and redefine traditional modest fashion trends. Selling hijabs online also helps Burque reach a wider audience, allowing women in various parts of the world to place their orders and even give gifts to loved ones.

Visit Burque’s online marketplace to browse a growing variety of modest fashion items and accessories.

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