BoF LIVE: The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing

BoF LIVE: The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing

This #BoFLIVE event was based on the ‘The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing‘ case study. Click here to read our full analysis.

The influencer marketing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. What was once a relatively small niche industry has become a global juggernaut and a major way for fashion brands to reach their target audiences. This growth is set to continue: influencer marketing spending is expected to exceed $4 billion in 2022 in the United States alone, according to eMarketer. As new platforms, strategies and creators emerge, brands will need to adapt, especially as the Web3 era gathers pace, said Natalie Wills, global chief marketing officer for Zalando.

“It will be more immersive and there will be more opportunities for brands and creators to collaborate.” Wills said. “With any of these new platforms popping up, it’s worth testing, learning, failing, testing again, and seeing what works for you and your brands.”

Following the publication of her case study “The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing”, Alexandra Mondalek, senior editorial associate at BoF, was joined by Wills, Thomas Repelski, co-founder of influencer marketing consultancy Lefty, and Kim Leitzes, chief executive of influencer marketing firm Lauchmetrics. from APAC to discuss how the space has changed, how brands can stay nimble amid evolution, as well as strategies for overcoming barriers to entry on platforms like TikTok.

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